What MADE her a prostitute? | A Poem by Bhavya Shree v

What MADE her a prostitute?

What made her

a prostitute?

Is it her appetite?

Her fear to live?

Her loneliness?

Her nakedness?

Her failed marriage




It was his


Only his...

He is a gentry in morn

But not she.

Round the clock

She is a hooker

While he is a gallant

In day light.

Together with

Lily livered in dark

And she...?

She is a woman of hour;

A prick teaser,

Body seller

And he ?

""Seduced ""

Why don't you call him a



We only have whores

No man is a hustler.

Only women loose her virginity,

No 'MAN' would.

How absurd?


I breathed....

About the Author

Bhavya Shree v

Poet and teacher, Bhavya Shree V was born in the beautiful village of Paravadukkam in Kasargod district. Following graduation and teacher training, she decided to pursue a career as an English language and literature teacher. She hopes and longs for the readers to have a deeper grasp of Marginalised Sections and therefore, focussed on herself as a bilingual poet of social and personal realism in minimalist poetry.Two of her realistic poems, ""Funeral"" and ""Labour Room,"" were published in the online journal Holistic Pine, with the latter winning the ""Readers Choice Award."" Also featured as one of the five inspiring women shaping the literary landscape in holistic pine. And she has marked her excellency by authoring poems in both English and Malayalam, which have been published on her blog She is the daughter of Mr. Vasudevan Nambiar and Bharathi M. She is married to Mr. Krishna Kumar A and they have a kid as well.