Oh! dear wife :A Poem by Patrichia Dcruze

Oh! dear wife 

Are you a wife?
Or have you been tagged as one?
Think, reflect, and utter
Whether you are known by your name
Or known for the other.
Are you infamous as the educated
Or famous as the old and uneducated.
Are you someone's?
Or fighting to be one's own!
What is it that stops you?
What is it that holds you back?
From breaking the glass walls!
And facing the mirror!!

Oh, dear wife :
You are a Woman,
The power, Epitome of grace.
Inner Beauty, Your identity,
Strongest your brain.
Of gold, Laden with love.
Emotions, So pellucid,
placid, your nature.

You invested your life to nurture lives,
With your analytical mind and warm nature,
You have become the breadwinner,
And the warm nurturer.
But now is the moment to go back,
To the tea gardens that miss your aroma,
So spread your wings and grow your tea leaves,
Once again!

Poem 2 in the series: What is a Woman

About the Author 

Patrichia is a public-speaking coach and a passionate writer. Her passion for writing made her accept the path that she loved and enjoyed doing the most. She is a published author and poet. She takes great pleasure in writing for Lampshades and is super impressed by the events conducted by the team. Apart from writing, she enjoys indulging in various artworks such as painting, candle making and poster designing. A foodie, who loves to travel and experiment with her taste buds. Photography is her passion and she loves to capture moments since it curates amazing stories. She believes in extracting enjoyment and learning from every moment of her life. According to her: "Love, passion, zeal mixed together creates Magic. If you are passionate about something then put love and zeal into it and you will be successful in achieving your dreams!!"