About Us

We believe that success is a component and not the sole aim. 

The Holistic Pine is an independently published lifestyle journal published by Writers' Kalam Publishing.

We aim to bring together fun reading and serious research. We want to create a space where the reader can receive both—a journal that is dedicated to outstanding research while also being entertaining to read.

We're primarily concerned with readers in India and throughout the world. Most scientific publications, you see, neglect to be interesting, which can make readers feel excluded and discourage them from exploring intriguing, deeper topics. That is about to change! We deliver you amazing, brainy content that is also quite engaging. We want to pique your interest in conducting research and learning new things.

The big deal for The Holistic Pine is to support research and share smart knowledge to help more people learn cool things. We're here to get everyone excited about learning and thinking more. We want to mix entertainment with brainy stuff so everyone can enjoy and learn at the same time.

Editorial Board

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