Finding Beauty in Resilience: Sommya Jain's Story of Success | Ankush Bharti

by Ankush Bharti 

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the remarkable journey of Sommya Jain, from being diagnosed with Haemangioma at a young age to overcoming countless obstacles and emerging as a successful social media influencer and dancer. Sommya shares her experiences, challenges, and triumphs, offering insights into her resilience, passion for dance, and commitment to inspiring others through her story. Join us as we explore the incredible transformation and unwavering spirit of this extraordinary individual.
Can you share with us your journey from being diagnosed with Haemangioma to becoming a successful social media influencer and dancer?

Well, to know the entire story, you need to read my autobiography book, which I am going to launch soon but to give you details in short:- I was just nine years old when I was diagnosed with a large Haemangioma on my right cheek, I was about to take part in the very famous show of the time named Boogie Boogie as I was born dancer, but destiny had decided something else for me.

Dr said that Haemangioma is not a disease, but as per medical science, it is a manufacturing defect of the body. Unfortunately, in my case, Haemangioma became a deadly defect in my life. From 1997 to 2011, I have faced uncountable life-threatening surgeries, medical procedures, and more than 2000 times life and death episodes. Dr says that her sheer willpower has saved her on many occasions. In my medical career, we have never seen such a strong-willed girl.

In 14 years, I have had the most magical, thrilling, and inspiring incidents that will terrify the person's soul if he listens. Finally, god had mercy on me in 2011. On 6 October 2011, I had super major surgery by Dr. Shashi Bhushan, in which there was a 70% chance of death and only a 30 % chance of survival. After 24 hours of continuous surgery, I got a new and healthy life and a new face. But plastic surgery is not a magic trick like shown in a movie, as you need to give your body skin, muscles, flap and tissue of other parts to make your face presentable, which is a painful and lengthy process. But it's all worth it because I got a new life.

I feel nothing is more precious in the world than a healthy life. After being healthy, my first goal was to become financially independent, and this was my payback time as I wanted to support my family financially. Because of my looks, no one gave me a job, so I tried my hands at content writing. I had great success in that, then in lockdown, when there was a depressing atmosphere everywhere, so I thought that I should inspire the world with my positivity, and then I brought my childhood dreams of becoming a dancer to the world. I posted my dance videos on TikTok, and in just 20 days, I got 150 K followers; my dance videos went viral with 80 -90 million views, but then TikTok was banned.

After that, I uploaded the same videos on YouTube and Instagram, where all the videos went viral for millions of views. Madhuri Dixit Maam retweeted one of my dance videos, and many news channels and online media published this news. After this, celebrities like Neha Kakkar, Bpraak, and Gadar actress Simrat Kaur posted my videos on their Instagram stories.

I have never looked back since then; I have gained millions of followers on various social media platforms. Today, whenever I visit any country, I meet my supporters there. I get comments on videos like, we have learned how to live a life by watching your video; we were ready to commit suicide, but we got the courage to live by watching your videos. After reading these comments, I feel I have fulfilled my motive for becoming an influencer.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during your battle with Haemangioma, and how did you overcome them?

I faced numerous challenges because of Haemangioma, which was life-threatening, and because of this, every day, I had to fight for my life, which I have disclosed in my book. Apart from that, my face was so disfigured that I had to go through multiple operations or treatments. For me, taking a bite of bread was equivalent to going to war, so I was on a liquid diet for three long years. Also, meeting people with a disfigured face was a huge challenge, but I never gave up. I went to every event and every party with confidence and met everyone with pure confidence. Sadly, people who looked at me gave such shocking expressions as if they had seen something else but not a human being.

How did dance play a role in your recovery process and your journey to becoming an influencer?

And- Before becoming an influencer, I felt something was missing. Even though I was earning well from my content writing company, I used to feel I wasn't living a fulfilling life. My passion is the dance that gives me pleasure. I feel alive when I dance. As someone said, dancers don't need wings to fly. At first, I used to dance only as a passion, but when your passion becomes your profession, then fun begins. Dance always keeps me energetic and motivated.

What inspired you to share your story and your passion for dance on social media?

God has given me life more than 2000 times, so I feel there should be a reason behind this. God must want me to do something good in life. So I decided to do something for the betterment of society, and you can do social work only when you are capable. That's why part of my social media earnings gets spent on animal welfare and patient care.

I collected ten lakhs for a girl from Gujarat via crowdfunding who had the same problem as me. She also got the operation done by my doctor. So, to help society, I chose this field. So that I can inspire the world and influence more people towards body positivity and accepting and loving ourselves the way we are.

What is your perspective on beauty and self-confidence especially in today's scenario where even kids going to school are obsessed with looks?

Yes, today's generation is so obsessed with their looks. They can't even handle it if they have a pimple on their face. I feel my confidence and my talent define me, not my looks. Sommya Jain doesn't get defined by her looks; it's beyond that. And according to me, beauty is about being comfortable within our skin. Outer beauty is temporary, so I prefer to work on inner beauty, which is permanent. I think life is beautiful when you are grateful for what you have. Just don't get bothered by things you don't have.

What message do you hope to convey to your audience through your social media presence and your story?

Never underestimate yourself. If I can do it, then you can do it for sure. You can dream, but working on your dreams is far more vital. Nothing is impossible if you are hard-working, consistent, and dedicated.

Never judge someone by appearance, color, height, or shape. Treat everyone equally. I wasn't getting the job because of my face, but the same face today endorses brands on social media.

How do you balance being an influencer with your personal life and other commitments?

This is an interesting question. I give full credit to my mom and dad because she supports me a lot, as there is a need to handle various things for me. But with their support, I am balancing my professional and personal life.

I never let my professional life overshadow my personal life. I daily give time to my parents, play games with them, and talk to them so that they never feel sad or depressed.

Can you tell us about any projects or initiatives you're currently working on?

A- Very Happy to inform you that Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon hired me as a Paid content creator on a contract basis. Right now, YouTube has hired me on their ongoing project, which is confidential.

B- Apart from that, I plan to launch some web series, story-type content, or song albums for my audience.

C- I wrote my autobiography; a few directors have approached me to make a film on my story. But, I am waiting for a better opportunity to launch my story with a big label.

According to you what is lifestyle?

Being a haemangioma survivor, I know the importance of a healthy life. Lifestyle is all about eating healthy as much as possible, but more than that, being positive, happy, and stress-free in life is very vital. Doing whatever makes your soul happy only adds quality to your life.

Because I like wearing beautiful and stylish clothes, they make me stylish and graceful, which keeps me happy. I spend one hour a day on exercise, or walking. Dancing keeps my body in shape.

What advice would you give to others who may be facing similar health challenges or obstacles in pursuing their passions?

Never give up on yourself, as God helps those who help themselves. Miracles will happen when we put in all our efforts to do something right and achieve something. For that, you will need lots of passion and patience.

It takes years of hard work, so keep trying until you achieve your goal. Be crazy and be passionate about your goal. Take your failure as a part of your success.

Looking back on your journey, what are you most proud of accomplishing?

Well, that’s my favorite question- I always like to talk about my achievements as I know what I have gone through to achieve them. My best achievement was to conquer the battle of 14 years and win a life again.

The second achievement was when my idol and dance guru Madhuri Dixit Retweeted my dance video on her profile and wrote a caption – “Such Me Dil Jeet Liye.”

The third one was when I got a golden play button from YouTube for crossing 1 Million Subs. This golden play button is precious because I have made a place in the hearts of a million people.


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