The Backdrop of the Interview with Mamatatai, Daughter of Padma Shri Dr. Sau Sindhutai Sapkal by Ankush Bharti


We were unanimous in our choice to interview Mamatatai. The next big question was whether the interview was even feasible. I began investigating their group further and came across Sindhutai's interviews in which she mentioned her daughter, how she once told a school that she has many brothers and sisters, and the sacrifices her daughter made. So I decided to go ahead with the appointment. In a gentle voice, a man responded to the contact.

"Mamatatai will speak with you." During this process, I enlisted the assistance of Zailsingh Narsingh Wagh from Maharashtra to help me comprehend certain aspects of Tai's recent Marathi interviews that I couldn't understand, and he assisted me in learning more about her. I introduced myself and expressed my wish to participate in Mamatatai's interview. He stated that Mamatatai would arrive in half an hour. I called again, and this time my call was answered by a pleasant female voice. The day was planned, and I recall it vividly. It was Seema Ji. 


I was correct, now, I share it with Seema Ji and she said you seem to be younger than me and from my life experience I will tell you that if you want to do something right, God will always bless you. Seema Ji inquired whether it was feasible to conduct an interview in Hindi because she claimed it would be easier for her to express her emotions. I informed her I understood and that I didn't mind if she spoke in Hindi. My interview was set for the following day at 1:00 p.m. 

 Mamatatai texted me "Hoye" in Marathi. I apologised and said, "Sorry, ma'am, I don't understand." She was very nice, and she messaged that we were going to have a lengthy conversation. I felt like I was listening to Sindhutai, and I could hear her voice quivering from an emotional outburst. As we went on, with each query we prepared, this faded away into Mamtatai's kindness or informal nature, which made me feel so at ease. 

 I had the impression that I had known her for a long time. She was clear in her thinking, and she informed the organisation of the issues they were experiencing. That conversation turned into something I will remember for the rest of my life, and I will never forget the words that were etched in my memory.

 Then came the difficult task of converting the interview into written English shape. Normally, these tasks are completed by a team, but I took on this duty because I had firsthand knowledge of that lady whose narrative was so moving during the interview. On behalf of our entire staff, I wish Mamatatai the best in her future endeavours.

 I'd like to thank Mrs Seema Ghadge in particular for scheduling my appointment with Mamatatai.