Interview with Seema Sinha: "A Triumph of Resilience, Family, and Embracing Life" By Suresh Nair

 Seema Sinha has a zest for life. The moment I met her, I knew she was destined to reach great heights.

During the first interview, Seema told me how hard her friends pushed her to participate in the Mrs. India pageant. She was reluctant but gave in to their persistence.

It was not a surprise that she was the first runner-up. We were sure she would leave a mark on the pageant with her fashion sense and gorgeous personality.

She swooned the judges with her wit. She had immaculate control over her words, and her impromptu answers disguised a thorough preparation for the pageant.

Here is Seems Sinha, in her own words:

1) How does it feel? Talk me through your thoughts and emotions after coming back from the pageant.

The experience following my return from the pageant has been profoundly transformative. I am immersed in a whirlwind of emotions that have left an indelible mark. The sense of achievement at this stage of my life reassures and invigorates me. The echoes of this achievement reverberate in my thoughts,reminding me of the hurdles I conquered to stand where I am today. It felt surreal to receive countless congratulatory messages. Every congratulatory message from a well-wisher feels like a validation of my efforts and dedication.

The tight hugs from my daughters conveying infinite love, pride, awe, and wonder-filled my heart with gratitude. Their unwavering support remains a driving force.

I was overwhelmed by the unbridled joy it brought to my parents. They expressed it repeatedly. For years, I had carried a sense of inadequacy as a daughter, unable to fulfill the potential they saw in me. This victory filled a void that had persisted for decades. The joy I brought to my parents was a monumental achievement.

This win filled the gaping hole that kept gnawing at me for the longest time.

There was an outpouring of joy from extended family and friends. Their support and jubilation emphasized that it's never too late to embark on new journeys and achieve excellence. This win wasn't just a personal victory.

As I savor these moments, I sometimes feel like a temporary celebrity. I know this phase is fleeting; it carries enduring emotions and memories. My parents proudly said that the title 'Mrs. India' ; will forever be part of my identity. This had not occurred to me, and hearing it made me smile. It is a legacy that will resonate through generations.

The elation accompanying this triumph is unparalleled and will keep me motivated. The crowns gracing a corner of my room serve as a tangible reminder of what I accomplished and keep my hope alive.

The path to this victory was anything but easy. The pageant tested my mettle, pushing me to the limits of my resilience, patience, and intelligence. It was a lesson in self-discovery and growth, culminating in the sweet taste of victory.

2) Take us through the moment you were announced as the first runner-up.

Just minutes before the announcement, I was overwhelmed by despair and defeat.I was crushed by an imaginary weight of embarrassment and the fear of disappointing my family and friends. It seemed all my hard work had been in vain, leaving me feeling like a sore loser. Thankfully, these emotions were fleeting,

even though they held the power to shatter my spirit.I made serious efforts to escape the clutches of negativity and swiftly changed my perspective. It is important to note that the entire gamut of emotions- from negative to positive, unfolded in less than 3 minutes. Just when I shunned the negativity and embraced a positive outlook, I heard the announcement!

Initially, I was numb and stunned, unable to process it immediately. A deep sense of relief to be the first runner-up, but there was also a hint of disappointment for missing the crown by a whisker. A whirlwind of emotions and thoughts crossed my mind while receiving the crown. I was elated and brimming with optimism, and my chest swelled with pride. A deep sense of relief descends on your mind when all your efforts bear fruit. Moreover, the joy of taking the crown home to my eagerly waiting family and friends added to my happiness.

Yet, there was a faint undercurrent of sadness for not winning the crown.

Undoubtedly, you should give your best, but the truth remains that nothing quite matches th exhilaration of being the very best. It’s only natural to feel a momentary sense of letdown. However, that’s what it is- momentary.

The announcement marked one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

3) What has changed after winning the title?

Winning the title has transformed me in many ways. The learnings have been immense. It has enriched my mental resilience to confront life's multifaceted challenges with renewed vigor. There were fresh perspectives on life that will stand me in good stead. The title has significantly added value to my full-time job as a driving coach and impacted my personal growth.

What most find intriguing is the duality between the glamour of me as the first runners-up in the pageant and the demanding realities of being a driving coach, where one deals with life and death on the roads and the rigors that are there

with this job. Each day, my sense of self-worth receives a significant boost.

Wherever I go, I am admired for my achievements and daring to take such an unconventional path.

When I reflect on the changes that have taken place in my life, I often focus on the intangible shifts that uplift my spirit and nourish my soul. This triumph has accomplished that. I derive immense satisfaction from the respect and admiration

I see from the people. I relish every moment of it.

4) Reaction of family and friends.

Oh, they were ecstatic! Their joy knew no bounds. It was akin to a grand festival.

The joie de vivre radiated from their beaming faces and expressed with such emotion that it felt divine.

I received a warm welcome at home. The house was beautifully decorated, and my daughters were absolutely overjoyed. The tight hugs from them that almost crushed my lungs was the moment I will treasure forever. They wasted no time in capturing my crowns and trophies for social media reels, eager to shout about my victory from the rooftops. Their enthusiasm left me teary-eyed and overwhelmed.

My parents were on cloud nine, showering me with continuous praise and love.

For days on end, their conversations revolved solely around my triumph. The extended family and countless friends poured out unbridled joy, extreme pride, copious amounts of appreciation and pats on my back. Their unwavering support

throughout my journey and its triumphant conclusion was remarkable. At times, I

couldn't help but wonder if it was their victory as much as mine. It was celebrations galore! Champagne flowed, and the memories of singing and dancing will forever be etched in my mind.

5. Plans?

Do I have grandiose plans? Not really. I prefer to let life unfold naturally. Being an extremely hard worker, I’ll continue to push my physical and mental capacities beyond their limit and give my heart and soul to whatever I choose to do. I

approach life with a “never say never” attitude that leaves room for endless exploration and tremendous possibilities, making it tough to outline a concrete plan. I’m constantly open to learning and unlearning, embracing whatever appeals to my core and is intellectually stimulating.

I’m always receptive to being completely nonsensical, breaking free from stifling

norms and having spontaneous fun without boundaries. I strongly believe in the adage, “andar ka bachha nahin marna chahiye” (the child within should never die). If I had to answer your question in one line, my only plan is to be a lifelong vagabond. My disposition is such that making strict, definitive plans feels unlikely.

6) While preparing for the pageant, you were following a routine. Tell us about it.Exercise, personality improvement, diet plan Etc. Are those things still a part of your daily plan?

Exercise and personality improvement have always been a constant part of my life. I never adhered to any specific pageant routine. As far as a diet plan is concerned, I confess I do not follow one. In my 49 years on this planet, not a single day has been dedicated to following a diet plan. Food holds immense significance in my life. I am incapable of denying myself any culinary delight.

Amidst all the brouhaha about healthy eating, with findings changing every fortnight, I remain unfazed.

I believe moderation is the key, and I try to apply it in all aspects of life, not just food. I admit- to stay healthy and fit, one needs to make a Herculean effort, strong willpower, and unwavering determination. It is constant work, and I apply all of it to achieve the daily goals I set for myself.

Self-care is no walk in the park and can feel impossible at times. It is a commitment I have made to myself. Yoga has become a constant and almost magical element in my mission for mental and physical well-being. I am astounded by its scientific precision and inherent wisdom, and the beauty of ancient knowledge never ceases to amaze me. With my hectic schedule, I aim to practice it at least four times a week. Sometimes, I do yoga at odd hours, even late at night.I prefer to keep things simple and trust only home kitchen ingredients.

They are like a panacea, offering remedies with instant effects. My approach is entirely organic; I avoid chemicals at all costs.

This is my life before and after participating in the pageant, and I believe no changes are necessary.