Making a Mark in IT, Social Activism, and Beauty Pageants: An Exclusive Conversation with Priya Tiwari with The Holistic Pine

Priya Tiwari is a remarkable individual whose talents span across various domains. Boasting a background in IT Engineering and an MBA in HRM and Marketing, she has carved a thriving path in the corporate arena, holding esteemed positions with renowned organizations like WWF India and Care India. Yet, Priya's definition of success transcends her professional life, as she believes in leveraging her skills and experiences for the betterment of the world.

Her fervor for both writing and social activism has earned her numerous accolades, including the prestigious All India Woman Achiever Award and a coveted spot among Asia's top 50 women achievers. Adding another layer to her achievements, Priya has made a significant mark in the world of fashion, clinching titles in beauty pageants like Miss Golden Heart and Miss CT India Personality.

Nonetheless, what truly distinguishes Priya is her unwavering determination and commitment. She declares, "My passion has always revolved around leadership and effecting positive change, be it within my professional or personal sphere."

Here is an exclusive interview with her.

1- Can you share your early educational experiences and how they shaped your career choices?

My Alma maters have been Saint Paul School, Bal Bhavan School and Radha Raman Engineering College and Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM). I have been an I.T.  engineering student where I have topped my college with 79 percent and similarly, during my MBA in HR and Marketing in IIPM I have been receiving many awards. Education is something that is necessary and widens up your vision to shape your career. My IIPM days have truly helped me to reach senior positions in various MNCs. My Engineering education has given me much more insight into computer science and new trends in computer and research. I believe that everyone deserves to get a proper education so that they can shape their future.

2-What inspired you to pursue IT Engineering and later transition into HRM and Marketing for your MBA?

Being a maths and science student I always have interest in computer and during my schooling I received a certificate from NIIT with A + plus grade in computer so this inspired me to pursue IT engineering and later with greater trends in people being successful with a combination of IT and management it inspired me to persue HRM in Marketing for my MBA. I have attained greater heights with these two degrees and I am also now persuing MTech from SIRT (Sagar institute of research and Technology) .

3-Could you describe your professional journey, including the key roles you held at WWF India and Care India?

My professional journey has been really scintillating and I started my career with WWF India as a marketing executive for 2 years and further became the team leader and trainer for CARE India. I have been switching roles from being the consumer partnership manager for Clear Tax to the national marketing head for Tech Mahindra. this entire journey of 10 years has made me more vigilant and experienced and given me the ability to handle top-notch position in companies.

4-How do you define success, and what drives your desire to make a positive impact on the world?

Success according to me is beating your own records being your own competitor and being the best version of yourself every day. Success is not only defined as being very rich or being very famous but the real essence of success lies in empathy and compassion and so this feeling of being good and doing something good for the people gives me the courage to make a positive impact on the world.

5-What are some of the specific initiatives or projects you've been involved in related to social activism?

I have been associated with NGO’s like We the Help Foundation, Swag NGO Foundation, and Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Foundation and I have also been awarded Beauty with a Purpose for my association with We the Help Foundation. My personal advocacy is regarding the global hunger index because I believe in feeding children on a personal level along with what other NGOs are doing. Swag NGO foundation works for animal health care, and poor kids in so many slum areas of  Mumbai and it is founded by Mr. Shabbir Ali and I have been the key member of it and help them for this social cause. As I have been working with the NGOs like WWF India, and Care India so I have been associated with Save the Tiger campaign too. During covid times I have also created awareness regarding the health and hygiene of people during those tough times.

6-Can you tell us about the significance of receiving the All India Woman Achiever Award and being recognized among Asia's top 50 women achievers?

The all india women achiever award was given to me by div planet magazine in the category of poet and social activist, similarly I have received asia’s top 50 women achiever award in the category of model and engineer so its  a feeling of extreme pride for me to be in top 100 and top 50 achievers of Asia and I highly value this honour and I am poud of this achievement.

7-How do you balance your corporate career with your passion for writing and social activism?

I believe that career and passion go hand in hand, as your passion keeps you going. I have always been very helpful and I always wanted to do something for the society and as my father was a poet along with a doctor so he  gave me the motivation to balance passion with career.

8-What topics or causes are particularly close to your heart when it comes to social activism and advocacy?

I feel that the Global Hunger Index, Women Empowerment and Save the Tiger, three campaigns are really close to my heart. India ranks 104 in the global hunger index and I have been doing much in this field. Similarly Tiger is our national animal and we all should be keenly involved in the Save the Tiger campaign.

9-In what ways do you believe your diverse talents and experiences have complemented each other in your journey?

I believe that poetry has helped me to be a wordsmith and be a voice for others and similarly being an engineer it has helped me to be more focused regarding the technology part of pageantry and being a good manager it helps me to work out with better aspects of pageantry. Social activism has helped me to be more empathetic and compassionate towards people. So these diverse talents indeed bring out the best in me and help me achieve better and more in life.

10-What motivated you to participate in beauty pageants, and how did those experiences impact your life?

I think pageantry changes life and my favourite mentor Mrs Anjana Mascarenhas founder of Diva Pageant brought out a positive change in me and taught me to be more disciplined and focused on goals and not let negativity impact you anywhere. I believe that beauty pageants bring out the best out of a person . As per every girls dream Miss Sushmita sen (Miss universe 1994) her elegance and her grace and her power and yet her humility has motivated me to participate in a beauty pageant.

11-Could you share some key lessons you've learned about leadership throughout your career?

I think leadership is all about being a people’s person as a good leader you ought to be a good listener. You have to be empathetic, compassionate as well as extremely professional. It’s like managing the two sides of a coin all together. Being a bit more understanding you can always win the hearts of people and to be a leader don’t talk about yourself but talk about the person you are talking to.

12-What advice would you give to individuals aspiring to make a difference in their communities or fields of interest?

 I feel that belief is the biggest asset of an individual. Believing in yourself andnot responding to negativity, not being demotivated by failures, and keeping working on your goals is the biggest advice for people to shine in life.

13-Can you share a memorable moment or achievement that has been a highlight of your journey so far?

 The most memorable moment was when I was awarded top model of the year 2022 by Miss Urvashi Rautela the queen of hearts and I was indeed so thrilled to see her in person and super motivated by getting the award from her. However every achievement I do is special for me.

14-What are your future goals and aspirations, both professionally and personally?

 For future goals, I would say that future is extremely unpredictable and I am not a goal-setter kind of person, I believe in being better each day both professionally and personally every day. I personally feel that being able to touch hearts and touch lives is indeed the biggest achievement one could do.

15-How do you envision continuing to use your skills and experiences to create a positive impact in the years ahead?

 I always wanted to do something for society and be a change-maker in the life of the underprivileged.  I always wish to be the best person whom someone can trust and open their heart out to me.


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