INTACT: A Poem by RACHAEL SAVINA GOVEAS in the Siblings Forever Series


* The day I arrived

Warm greetings by Mother and

Inquisitive you.

* Love being showered

Delicate loving handling

Centre of focus.

* Each passing moment 

Sisterly bonds kept blooming

Exciting childhood. 

* Balu and Mowgli

The world was our jungle and 

We learnt much from all.

* Turning quite mature

Our thoughts and steps diverged but

We remained childlike. 

* All kinds of secrets 

Pure infatuations, held

By controlled conscience. 

* Then along came him

Taking you away from home - 

Your new paradise.

* Two soon became one 

A blossoming family 

Home away from home.

* The distance grows wide

Priorities keep shifting 

Connected by heart.

* The solace you give

Though delayed, keeps us intact. 

True sisterly love...

About the Author 

Rachael Savina Goveas has been teaching since 2010 and enjoys her profession. She likes to observe the wondrous facets of life and transform them into poems and quotes. She has an affinity towards writing 'haikus', and the poem 'Intact' is an attempt in ten haikus. Her poems have been published in the anthologies The Rising Cavalry (Spectrum of Thoughts, 2021), Letters to Life (Humrooh Publication House, 2022), The Equations of Life (Writers' Kalam, 2023) and The Holistic Pine (2023). Her thoughts are posted on YourQuotes under the name Ray Goveas.