Top Story: Top Six Inspirational People 2024 by The Holistic Pine

The Holistic Pine proudly introduces the Top Six Inspirational People of 2024, a distinguished group of individuals who have left an indelible mark in their respective fields, serving as beacons of dedication and passion. Their stories are bound to ignite motivation and inspiration, encouraging readers to embark on their own journeys towards realizing dreams and achieving goals. Presented in alphabetical order, each profile unfolds a narrative of triumph over challenges and attaining significant success. Embrace the diverse perspectives offered by these remarkable individuals, and glean valuable lessons that resonate with your personal and professional growth. The stories within this collection promise to empower and energize, proving that resilience and determination are key ingredients for carving out a path to excellence.

Ashreeta Mohanty

Meet Ashreeta Mohanty, an ITES professional with nearly a decade of diverse work experience across various domains. Currently based in Adipur, Gujarat, she contributes her expertise to an academic research and event management company in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ashreeta is an avid writer, a passion she has nurtured since her school days. Despite a hiatus post-marriage, her husband's unwavering support rekindled her love for writing. Thanks to the reach of social media, she reconnected with the writing community, establishing associations with different publication houses. Ashreeta has co-authored pieces in noteworthy anthologies and has recently garnered recognition through literary awards.

Her journey in literature has reached new heights, with an upcoming solo book on "Mental Health and Spirituality" set to be published by a prestigious publication house. Ashreeta cherishes her current writing odyssey, fueled by a desire to explore diverse opportunities and make meaningful contributions to the literary world. She stands as an inspiration, embodying resilience and passion in her pursuit of creative endeavors.

About Ashreeta Mohanty's upcoming book: "Finding Inner Peace". 

Amidst the contemporary whirlwind of existence, the quest for inner tranquility and the sustenance of optimal psychological well-being assume paramount significance. Ashreeta Mohanty's forthcoming literary work, "Discovering Serenity Within: Cultivating the Psyche for Peak Mental Vigor," delves into the intricate nexus between spirituality and mental equilibrium.

Through narratives that resonate, sagacious counsel, and pragmatic drills, "Discovering Serenity Within" unfurls a guide to maneuver the labyrinth of life while fortifying the intellect with robust vitality. It elucidates the significance of self-nurturance, introspection, and self-tenderness in the spiritual expedition towards mental prosperity.

Whether one seeks solace from the throes of stress and unease, quests for purpose and orientation, or merely harbors curiosity about the confluence of spirituality and mental well-being, this tome emerges as an invaluable compendium. "Discovering Serenity Within" transcends the boundaries of being merely a book; it metamorphoses into a transmutative odyssey towards heightened self-awareness, emotional tenacity, and spiritual ascension.

Divya Gupta Kotawala

Hailing from the vibrant city of Delhi, Divya Gupta Kotawala seamlessly juggles multiple roles - a devoted wife, a mother to a 16-year-old daughter, a shrewd businesswoman, and a steadfast friend to a group of long-standing companions spanning almost four decades. Yet, the role she holds dearest is that of being the daughter of Shri Suresh Gupta, a role that took on profound significance after the unfortunate loss of her father to COVID in 2021. This tragic event spurred Divya to embark on her inaugural authorial venture at the age of 40.

Her educational journey saw her at Modern School, Barakhamba Road, and later at the esteemed St. Stephen's College, Delhi University, where she pursued her honors in History. Fueling her passion for design and creativity, Divya enrolled at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) for a course in fashion designing, subsequently interning with renowned fashion designers Ashima and Leena Singh.

Divya's life mantra revolves around simplicity, creativity, and maintaining a harmonious equilibrium between her personal, professional, and social spheres. When not navigating this delicate balance, she dedicates her time to social welfare work. A woman of strong spiritual inclinations, Divya finds solace in chanting and praying, ardently following Guruji.

The vivacious and joyous persona of Divya took a somber turn into mourning and grief after the loss of her beloved father. In this dark period, she rediscovered her long-lost passion for writing, channeling her emotions into her book, 'My Dad's Daughter.' Beyond being a fitting farewell to her father, the book infused a renewed purpose into Divya's life. Her journey became a conduit for transforming pain into strength, reaching out to others grappling with loss and overwhelming grief.

Presently, Divya actively engages in podcast recording and public motivational speaking opportunities, connecting with individuals coping with grief. Her commendable efforts have earned her accolades and recognition, including the 'Entrepreneurs Today 40 under 40 Award for 2023.' She's been selected as a speaker for prestigious events like the Delhi Literature Festival, Ashhwaika's Foundation Women's Day Celebration, Jashn Events Literature Festival, and more. Featured on platforms like Humans of Bombay, Divya also graced the stage at the World Book Fair 2024 and Delhi Literature Festival 2023, and received the Guest of Honor distinction at the I Am the Women of the Year Award Show 2024.

Active in influential Delhi networking groups such as FICCI (YFLO), CII (IWN), Ladies Who Lead, and BNI, Divya shares her journey, offering support to grieving individuals. Her impactful work has garnered numerous awards, including the SRG Literary Award for Best Biography, HER Story Times Inspiration Award 2022, Fox Story India Women Face of the Year 2023, and many more. Recognized as a writer, speaker, and influential woman, Divya continues to make a significant mark on India's socio-cultural landscape.

Jaya Pillai

Jaya Pillai, a product of Kolkata's vibrant cultural hub, sees the city not just as a home but as a nurturing ground that has shaped her choices. Though her roots lie in Kerala, her affinity for this southern state deepened with time, a sentiment vividly reflected in her debut book, "Afternoons and More," published in 2022.

Initially, teaching wasn't part of Jaya's plans; she had aspirations in fashion designing to chart a unique path from her family. However, destiny had other plans, leading her to discover her innate passion for teaching. Enrolling in a B.Ed training course marked the beginning of a fulfilling journey that brought her immense joy and satisfaction. Writing, a childhood love fostered by her bookish tendencies, became an occasional pursuit during her academic years.

Jaya's literary journey kicked off with the publication of her poem "Raindrops" in The Statesman's children's section when she was in Class 5. Winning an essay writing competition in college, securing the top spot in Eastern India, added another feather to her cap.

Her teaching responsibilities diverted her from writing for a while, focusing on communication with kids and scriptwriting for school events. A turning point arrived in 2016 when illness necessitated a four-month break, reigniting her passion for writing. Her first story, "And Life Moves On," secured a place in the anthology "Written on the Stars," winning a contest by the publishers. Simultaneously, her poem "Rumours" found a spot in another anthology, "Melodies of Spring."

This marked the resurgence of her writing endeavors. Subsequent stories like "The Law of the Jungle" and "From Darkness to Dawn" were published in anthologies by ArtoonsInn, cementing her presence in the literary scene.

Participating in various writing platforms, Jaya continued to contribute poems and stories to diverse journals and anthologies. Her achievements include winning the Women's Web Orange Flower Award for Humor in 2022 and The Holistic Pine Sahitya Puraskar in 2023.

Her debut book, "Afternoons and More," a fusion of poems, reflections, anecdotes, and family recipes, garnered the Unicorn Award in 2022 and was exhibited at the Calcutta International Book Fair and Kolkata Literary Carnival in 2023. It's currently available on Amazon.

For Jaya, writing is a soulful response to life's chaos, offering catharsis. Beyond her literary pursuits, she enjoys music, cooking, quiet moments in the balcony, learning, meditation, travel, light-hearted comedies, and reading eclectic subjects.

The trifecta of writing, reading, and teaching Literature and History to children is a harmonious blend for her, a passion she relishes. Her work can be explored on her website:, and she can be found on Instagram at jayapillai_mk.

Tanmayee Deshmukh

Tanmayee Deshmukh, a resident of Pune, India, wears multiple hats as a mother, chocolatier, and author. Despite her educational background in Hotel Management and Aviation, her true calling emerged in the realm of writing. A passionate reader, Tanmayee transformed her love for the written word into a compelling passion for writing.

Beyond the world of words, she indulges in leisurely vacations to enhance her peripheral vision for fictional storytelling. Tanmayee has co-authored anthologies like 'Zindagi Ka Safar' and 'The Emotional Canvas.' Her debut romance novel, 'Living a Dream,' has also graced the literary scene.

Tanmayee's literary contributions extend to pieces like 'Letter to my younger self,' earning her a spot among the Top 5 Literary Luminaries of 2023 on The Holistic Pine journal. Notably, she clinched The Holistic Pine Sahitya Puraskar 2023 award, a testament to her literary prowess.

With aspirations to continue writing and sharing her work with the world, Tanmayee Deshmukh remains dedicated to her literary journey.

Vandana Nalini Singh

Vandana Nalini Singh, hailing from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, is a multifaceted personality excelling in various domains. An award-winning academician, prolific writer, motivational speaker, researcher, entrepreneur, social activist, beauty icon, and a professor of History, she has left an indelible mark in her diverse pursuits.

Boasting a distinguished academic journey, Vandana emerged as the University Topper of Lucknow University in Medieval and Modern History. Her excellence garnered her the National Award from the Ministry of Human Affairs Directorate of Higher Education.

Her accolades include the prestigious 'Isabella Thoburn Award' for academic excellence and social service, 'The Real Super Woman' Award 2021 in the Multi-Talented category, and the 'Asia’s Top Hundred Influential Women' award by AIWA in the educationist/author/motivational speaker category. She also received the 'Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam National Excellence Award' for excellence as an educator, 'Tagore Sahitya Samman' for literary excellence, and 'Sarojini Naidu Iconic Women Achievers’ award for contributing to women empowerment, among others.

As a member of the "Inspiring Women Community" and 'Indian Women’s History Museum Foundation,' Vandana actively works towards inspiring and uplifting women. She has participated in numerous workshops, conferences, seminars, symposiums, and webinars.

In her role as a researcher, Vandana has presented research papers on various topics. Her authorship extends to co-authoring several books, including 'Rising India…..An Echo,' 'Samvad…Deliberations on Gender Equality,' 'Fundamentals of Public Speaking,' 'Artificial Intelligence: An Inducement of Technology in Human Affairs,' 'Literature and History; Exchanges and Interactions,' and 'Anthology on Delhi.'

Beyond academia, Vandana ventured into the health and wellness industry as an entrepreneur, promoting consciousness about Organic Food. Her foray into the world of beauty saw her achieve notable recognitions, including being a finalist of Mrs Capital of India 2021, winner of Mrs India Majestic, second runners-up Miss/Mrs India 2023, and Miss/Mrs Glam International 2023, among others.

She has featured in radio talk shows on Fm 90.4 discussing women empowerment and has been profiled in 'Interview Times' as a versatile author. Vandana has also made a mark in print media, gracing the cover stories of Diva Planet Magazine, Charismatic Women Magazine, and featuring in lifestyle magazines such as Passion Review, Grehlaxmi, Aspiring Achievers, Perfect Woman, and Womaniean.

Her outstanding contributions have earned her the 'City Excellence Award 2023' and the 'Chalk and Duster Women of Excellence Award 2023.' Recognizing her dedication to social causes, she received the 'Mother Teresa Memorial Award' by Sahara Charitable Trust in 2023.

Vandana's dynamic presence has been highlighted on News World India 24, and her unwavering commitment to transcending boundaries and leaving a lasting legacy showcases her as a versatile performer in the theatre of life. Her dreams, desires, determination, and commitment to excellence have shaped her destiny.

Vipin V. Kamble

Introducing Vipin V. Kamble, a luminary with a legacy spanning over two decades in the realm of writing, particularly focusing on academic projects. Hailing from the vibrant city of Mumbai, Vipin seamlessly intertwines her writing prowess with her professional role as an Environmental Sustainability Professional.

This versatile wordsmith's creative endeavors span a diverse spectrum, from crafting emotive poems and insightful quotes to spinning captivating short stories. Vipin's literary palette is both varied and profound, reflecting her commitment to artistic expression.

Her collaborative ventures extend to over 125 anthologies, where her words resonate harmoniously with other creative voices. Notable among her contributions are in compilations such as "Love Relationship," "Confession of Silent Minds," "The Silent Poetic Soul," "Rain & Romance," “Forest Trails,” “Trailing Whispers,” “Dreams and Desires,” “Stardust Swirls,” “Enchanting Spells,” and “Flight of Dreams,” “Memories,” “Moon, Night, and You,” showcasing her dedication to curating narratives that resonate deeply.

Delving into her solo ventures, Vipin's creation "Unprecedented Voice" proudly graces the shelves of Amazon, alongside works like “Panchayati Raj and Environment,” “Panchayati Raj and Environment Quiz,” and ENVIS projects under the Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change of India. These projects underscore her unique perspective and literary finesse.

Her notable contributions have not gone unnoticed, earning her accolades such as the esteemed title of "Best Poetry Writer of the Year 2022" by the Publication Council of India and the honor of "Best Budding Writer 2022-2023" from The Literary Clan Awards.

Beyond her individual achievements, Vipin V. Kamble is the visionary force propelling "Poetic Essence Publications," a platform nurturing the creative voices of emerging writers. Her writing explores multifaceted themes, from love and life to poignant explorations of social issues. Drawing inspiration from daily observations, her words encapsulate the essence of human emotions and the world around us.

Vipin's literary journey is characterized not only by the volume of her work but also by the depth of her insights and the impact of her words. She stands as a beacon of a writer who utilizes her craft to convey meaningful messages and touch the lives of those who encounter her work.

Her inspirational quote on writing encapsulates her philosophy:
"Write. Just do it. Then again. Then some more. And more. Do not wait for inspiration; if you do enough of it often enough, inspiration will eventually come."-Nancy Kress