Journey to Healing: Embracing Setbacks and Finding Inner Strength | Ankush Bharti

By Ankush Bharti

Healing is not just about overcoming mental and physical challenges but also embracing setbacks and failures as part of life. It is important to acknowledge and accept these wounds openly, and time is the biggest healer. Our brains have natural coping mechanisms that help us move through difficult times, and as time passes, we may realize that these challenges paved the way for new learning and experiences. However, if the condition is severe, professional help may be necessary.

Healing can be achieved by anyone by following simple steps such as being kind, practicing gratitude, meditating, and journaling. During the darkest phases of life, we tend to ignore ourselves fully, and self-hatred is the worst feeling we can suffer from. From birth to adulthood, society's ideal concept of physical attributes and weight can make it difficult to feel accepted. To heal, we must be kinder to ourselves and acknowledge ourselves as children of God, beautiful regardless of societal demands for perfection. Individuals struggling with low self-esteem and confidence often struggle to feel accepted in social groups. However, it's essential to remember that the social sphere is not a rock-solid wall, and it will change eventually. Therefore, it is best to choose wisely whom we want to hang out with. If a situation feels out of control, seeking professional help or reaching out to our immediate circle can be the best first aid.

Happy healing!