Fragment of Halves | A Poem by Ashima Syal

Fragment of Halves

Induced are some stories, some stories we induce.

Somewhere, half baked beans are sprouting, somewhere the milk on the stove is unknowingly half boiled.

Half and half, living in an abode of halves, too preoccupied we are, measuring halves.

Conversations have waved goodbye, only to be welcomed as radiant reduction. Self is juggling with the self, weaving time, knowing it can gather none. Mornings shout mundane, toiling harshly in the hope of awaiting, awaiting grim silences, only to realize in their silence, they have no one. The regime of halves remains unheard. Somewhere, forgotten in the fragment of halves.

About the Author 

Ashima Syal

Ashima Syal, a lecturer by Profession and a Poet by passion. Ashima published her first book of poems titled Canopy in 2019. Ashima published her second book of poems, titled The Fragrant Fable. Ashima received the Rabindranath Tagore Literary Award by DRDC in 2022. Ashima’s interview on the Journey and path of a poet has been published in Global Times. Ashima conducts Creative Writing Workshops, for she believes that “ a skill is only worthwhile if it is shared”. Currently Ashima is teaching Group Communication to the First Year BMS and BBA students at KES Shroff College,Mumbai.