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Introducing Vivek G Raje, a luminary in the automotive industry with an illustrious career spanning over 18 years, characterized by groundbreaking innovations and a steadfast commitment to excellence. Vivek's journey boasts the creation of two patented marvels and a plethora of accolades, firmly establishing him as a visionary leader who continually pushes the boundaries of automotive technology.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Vivek is a beacon of inspiration, dedicating himself to nurturing the next generation of talent as a mentor to fresh graduates. His mentorship extends far beyond career advice, embracing a holistic approach to life's journey, emphasizing health, success, financial stability, mindset cultivation, and spiritual growth.

However, Vivek's impact transcends conventional boundaries. As a seasoned healer and consultant, he harnesses the transformative power of crystals, rudraksha beads, and ancient wisdom to foster holistic well-being and spiritual enlightenment. With his expertise in name numerology and mahadasha interpretation, Vivek offers personalized insights that illuminate the path to a prosperous and fulfilling future.

With a unique blend of professional mentorship, spiritual guidance, and holistic wellness practices, Vivek G Raje is dedicated to empowering individuals to unlock their full potential, achieve their aspirations, and lead lives that are abundant, purposeful, and harmonious.

Vivek G Raje

Can you share a bit about your journey in the automotive industry and what inspired you to pursue a career in this field?

- First of all I have done by BE in Mechanical engineering and almost 18 years back and I started working with my brother in his small office on Autocad, I always liked the design and drawing subject during my Graduation time. And I had a really good speed in the CAD software, watching this my brother searched a lot and taken pain to suggest the option of joining a CAD course in Pune, from there for 1 year I have toiled hard, working day and night and understand the new softwares like CATIA, UG to the deepest possible way in that institute, we used to stay upto morning 4-5 am to complete the project. This hard work at the start allowed me to gain access to one of the leading reputed Automotive companies in India, where I currently I am working from last 18 years. There is a feeling of pride when almost everyone from our batch wants to serve the foreign companies in USA, Europe, I stayed back and worked for an Indian company, and we are making great cars till date which is renowned now worldwide.

The journey was inside the company was a roller-coaster ride, my aim was just one – learn, learn new things and acquire new skills, this approach led me to wait in office late night and solve problems. Even though I was gaining lot of knowledge, my seniors and other team members was very political (which I was not much aware about). They don’t want me to grow and wanted me to stay at lower level, so that the lower-level work happens smoothly…. And I never bothered much since I was gaining knowledge in CAD as well as on hand experience in vehicles.

But after few years I recognized that even the juniors around me have now grown to senior levels without putting much of an effort like me. This is what started to pinch me now and started realizing the mistakes I have made. I have gathered management skills in next 2 years to grow some levels, but again the political nature of the seniors and the higher-level people have put me down. These same mistakes I have mentioned in my book and asked the young graduate not to do the same mistakes and I have given tips and tricks to overcome such obstacles in the industry.

Congratulations on filing two patents! Could you delve into the innovations behind these patents and how they reflect your approach to problem-solving in the automotive sector?

I always wanted to do something unique on the vehicle side, and filing and getting the patents in your hand makes you feel top of the world. The inspiration was always there when I was doing graduation and tale of my brother getting a patent was always there in my head. I also wanted to have at least 1 on my name.

Let me tell you filing patent is one thing, but getting it is another. It’s a long process, the scrutiny and discussions and legality and meetings and a 8 year long wait…..If you are prepared to see all through then only go for it. I could write a entire book on this subject, because its really complex, its complex for you as well as for the agency who is filing it for you.

I had overcome so many issues in last 18 years, that now it feels that any issues comes I had been there and done that. At the start I always was a sincere employee and hardworking too. I have found many solutions to many problems but never though that this solution could be converted into patent. Its actually one of my colleague from another department who encouraged me to put patent in the solutions which I have provided, He beloved in me more that I dd that time, he somehow known that this kind of solution never existed in the world….and with his belief in me only I started filing for patents, Till date I have filled 8 patents, 6 are in process and 2 I got in my hand after 8 years of struggle.SO I thank that person who pushed me…please understand even if you think you are the best in the world, there has to me someone to guide you – your colleague , your teacher, your parents, your mentor or coach to achieve and go for it…

As a coach for fresh graduates, what motivated you to take on this role, and what do you find most rewarding about guiding young professionals in their career paths?

I started this coaching just 1 year back, this idea came to me when I joined my coach in Nov 22. He shown me the way that whatever the huge knowledge is inside me is for the other’s , help others and you will help yourself too.

I joined his masterclass and other programs, first time in my life I started investing on myself, I paid huge amount to get into the circle of great minded people who also wanted to be a coach in different areas and help the society. My purpose was simple – I wanted any fresh graduate to get his dream job and also get fulfilment in all areas of his life.

From there I started the LIFE GROWTH GURU coaching program. In the start I got some followers and students who wanted to join my coaching. I had taken live lectures in many institutes and shared my seminar, many liked my idea and joined my webinar which I have done on zoom. Slowly I have solved many problems of 100s of students who were struggling in different pats of their life – some in Health, some in Relationships, in Career, in Finance, in spirituality, they had mindset issues. Finally I wanted every graduate to thrive in his life and be fulfilled, Since in my personal life I have been in all types of issues – health, relationship, career, finance, spiritual and from the darkness I emerged victorious always, So I though why not to give my guidance to all these who are trapped in similar darkness, why should they suffer. They should come out all as winners from every pithole of life and achieve their dream job.

And most rewarding thing to me – Is to see them succeed , see them grow and thrive and happy and fulfilled in their life, I got many messages and calls after the coaching is over about how I changed their lives, I felt better that the universe has chosen me to help them.

* By the way I am also a consultant in mobile and name numerology and I suggest names and new mobile numbers to my clients.

I also predict Maha-dasha of the person and give prediction of the future events for next 25 years and how they should prepare for it.

I also am a consultant in Rudraksha and Crystals, I suggest Rudraksha and Crystals as per the issues they are facing in Health, Money, Relationship and Career, stuck money, evil eye and protection from dark magic.

These clients are different from the graduation clients, so I give my advice and suggest and make available the original Rudraksha and Orinigal Crystals to my clients.

It makes me happy to see the results they are getting after doing consultation with me, I have handled suicidal cases as well as evil eye cases in the past.

How do you balance your roles as a professional mentor and a spiritual healer/consultant, and do you find any intersections between these seemingly disparate areas?

Yes there are intersections, since the spiritual path is much larger aspect of life,

* Many times I have to treat my graduates students like patients having mental blocks and victims of evil eye or other issues. Without clearing that trauma, mental issues we can not proceed further for the guidance in getting their ream job.

In my course, I mostly start all my sessions with Gratitude webinar , daily for 15 mins we do gratitude and write it on the notebook, then we work on mindset of the students , since many come from poor background and from small towns and they lack the confidence of the city boy/girl, There we need to polish them and create a strong mindset and high level self image that they can achieve anything in this world. Injecting that belief requires igniting the spiritual aspect inside them, that fire then burns all doubts and dilemma inside them and they come out as winners all the way.

So consider like a big bathtub having full water – that is spirit healing…. and the small toy boat inside that is the professional aspect in the mind of the student.

Unless you calm down the waters , the toy boat won’t get any direction, the waves will take it anywhere. To steady the boat , you must have silent waters and only after that the boat can sail in the direction to its destination.

Could you elaborate on how you incorporate holistic wellness practices such as crystal healing and numerology into your coaching and consulting services?

I am also a consultant in mobile and name numerology and I suggest names and new mobile numbers to my clients.

I also predict Maha-Dasha of the person and give prediction of the future events for next 25 years and how they should prepare for it.

I also am a consultant in Rudraksha and Crystals, I suggest Rudraksha and Crystals as per the issues they are facing in Health, Money, Relationship and Career, stuck money, evil eye and protection from dark magic.

I make energy circles and give switch words which changes the aura of the people and their home altogether.

How to charge the crystals and what are crystal grids, How to give power to the crystals these all things I teach the clients.

We also started the service of selling the Original Crystals and Rudraksha as per the consultation and send them on the clients address etc.

These clients are different from the graduation clients, so I give my advice and suggest and make available the original Rudraksha and Original Crystals to my clients.

It makes me happy to see the results they are getting after doing consultation with me, I have handled suicidal cases as well as evil eye cases in the past.

"The Holistic Graduate" sounds like a comprehensive guide for recent graduates. What inspired you to write this book, and what do you hope readers will take away from it?

See, everyday I used to see employees going to office with long face, and similar way after the excitement of the new job wains away, many of us find oneself in the same boat, long faced employee…knowingly, accidently by force or by luck or by some unfortune ways these people accept any job that comes it their way…for some time they fell in love with it , but eventually the job itself is not aligned with their inner spirit…after some years they still find the emptiness within, something that is missing…..and the face become long, the same bus they used to travel happily, now becomes their cage…..their life has no meaning now, since they or their surroundings, people around them killed their childhood dream of getting a unique job or doing something they are born for…after looking at my own situation after some years I also find myself with these guys..The only difference is I decided to do something about it….

From there I got the idea that ‘’whatever I faced in my life, no one should face ever again’’…and with this thought in my mind I have started writing this book and started coaching as a “ LIFE GROWTH GURU’’..

I have my social media handles as follows , if anyone wats to connect with me


@vivekgraje – Complete Life coach

@divinehealervgr – Healing related support with help of Crystals and Rudraksha. Prediction from Name and Mobile Numerology, Prediction of next 10 years of Maha-dasha, Energy circle, Solution for protection from evil eye and remedies.

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One paragraph I have written in the book which I liked->>>



What Readers will take away

. Happiness and Fulfilment: Ultimately, what I try to explain the book is that success is not just about accomplishments but about finding joy and fulfilment in your pursuits. Cultivate a sense of gratitude and happiness in all aspects of your life.

As the last lines about my book says - >>

Remember, this is not just the end of a book; it’s the beginning of a new chapter in your life. I believe in your potential to create a future filled with success, happiness, and fulfilment and live a life transforming yourself within the next 60 days.

In what ways does your book address the unique challenges and anxieties faced by fresh graduates as they transition from academia to the professional world?

There are 3 things the fresh graduate fear while searching for his dream job.

1) What happens with me inside the unknown company

2) self doubt – do I really have the skills to survive in this company

3) Only If there is some guidance so that I can navigate easily in this corporate world.

For all above 3 major fears I have answers in my book as well as though my coaching.

Can you share some insights into the holistic living principles that you discuss in your book, particularly regarding health, wealth, mindset, and spirituality?

See, to be happy from inside, you need fulfilment and consistent growth, just like a tree …..a tree is fulfilled when it sprouts, it gets leaves, it bears flowers and finally the fruit….same way humans need to get fulfilment

And by only doing Job you will never achieve it, however great your job will be…if you lack in health, relationship, mindset, spirituality and social skills you will fail as a human life…my book tells practical things from how to choose a job as per your inner calling, how to write resume, crack interview, how to live holistically upto how to deal with daily office politics and how to deal with boss…I covered everything in this book.. its like a manual to help you navigate in any situations in life. I put all my 18 years’ experience into this book.

Please go through the book read it fully and I am sure you gain some value and insight about how the industry works

How do you envision "The Holistic Graduate" making a difference in the lives of its readers, beyond just providing career advice?

As explained earlier my book anyway tell about the resume writing and cracking the interview , but that’s not the end of it, is just a 10% of what the book’s purpose. The actual purpose is to guide the fresh graduate to attain fulfilment. And that too in 60 days, if they follow the book step by step, they can achieve it.for that I have given short stories on how others have achieved it and how the reader can achieve it too.

I also want to tell you, I got many calls on my phone – ‘’Sir, Do you have any job for me??’’…to all of them I want to say – I am not here to give you job, I have written this book so that first you find out from inside of yourself what you want to do and then be happy for entire life and grow…I am not the job provider but I am a Coach and Guide a light to show you the way….

This book is not for those how want to get rich quick or get job now, kind of thing, this is for the gritty ones who want to change their life through patience and hard-work in right direction…anything below this effort you anyway not going to get any dream job, forget about it…Hence this book is for those who are willing to strive to achieve fulfilment and get their dream job.

What are some key themes or messages that you hope readers will resonate with as they journey through your book?

A mere 3% of graduates manage to secure their dream jobs, while the majority find placement in other companies, leaving a huge number jobless. Why this happens – I have given answers in this book.

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” - Chinese Proverb

Very first step as most of the career coaches will tell you is – How to craft a resume ….this is absolute no no…since you will soon be a long faced employee who don’t want to go to the same job, just because it provides him the money for his Emi and loans and for his food……..Come on, we are human’s, we are the best spices on this earth and what we are wasting time is doing what we don’t like…and Who chosen this job ??– YOU only….let that be by force or due to difficult situation in life where you had to do some job…..but the ultimate responsible person for this job is YOU and YOU alone…nobody to blame for this.

Dream job with Fulfilment through human Spirit is the only way to have happy and growing life as Human…you may do business later , but the happiness has to be there , else this amazingly divine human life will be wasted for sure….

How do you incorporate empathy and understanding into your writing to connect with readers who may be experiencing uncertainty and anxiety after graduation?

Its absolutely natural to feel the anxiety, I have felt it, many great leaders now, before getting into this rat race they also have felt it…this is natural, don’t’ blame yourself for it, its completely normal….same I mentioned in the book that many a times its no the fault of the students or their parents, actually its lack of the information and knowledge and right coaching…out of the 3 mentioned here Coaching is the best form , since the coach has already gone through all difficulties and came out it successfully, so he knows the way out.

There are few line I written about fear and anxiety in my book….

Fear is a natural response to difficult situation, it comes from our reptilian brain, which is almost 2 lakh year old, but as we developed the human traits, we can overcome it with practice and patience.

There are 3 things the fresh graduate should have, Grit, patience and practice, with these 3 things he can overcome all the challenges in the corporate industry.

Can you describe the process of infusing your book with the essence of holistic living and ensuring that it's not just about career guidance but about personal growth and fulfilment?

It’s not easy to mention this vast topic here in small paragraphs, but Everything is explained in my book in detail.

One has to complete the book and do the exercises at the end of chapters to analyse themselves.

Also the student has to have the right mindset , which most of the time they lack, since there is only one thing in their mind……GETTING ANY STUPID JOB AVAILABLE OUT THERE….and I don’t blame them, its due to their financial situations , its due to force from home to get job, or to get married they want to do some mediocre job….but with only right mindset of abundance if they show grit and little patience the dream job can be achieve along with personal growth…

In fact, I have written 2 chapters on the relationship with parents and with friends, with boss etc, and how to deal with them.

As someone who has achieved success in both the corporate world and spiritual realm, how do you define success, and how does it manifest differently for each individual?

Success is the word now became the trending, everyone talking about success…..mostly in a wrong way….

Personal success – I call it only as ‘achievement’….

Success for me is slightly different - unless until you involve others, your society, the needy into your ‘achievement’ and make them also achieve what they wanted in life – its not SUCCESS….unless you share your knowledge to the world and with that advice or knowledge they also achieve something great -that is true Success…..only you yourself making money and living fulfilled life is not success for me….I call him a most selfish person….

And also let me tell you, nothing comes out of success actually the real learning and growth happens when people FAIL….

I have a quote of myself in the book as below –>


What are some common misconceptions or myths about holistic living, spirituality, or career success that you aim to debunk through your book?

One that I already discussed in question 13- the wrong meaning of success.

2nd is spirituality – this word also got too much glamour in recent years.

Mostly spirituality for 99% of the people out there is – doing yoga and meditation, doing prayers…, they do not know the difference of these 3 words , but they do it anyhow in wrong way….they go to church, masjid, temple and ask to god whatever they want….

Sorry to say – but all misconceptions – Yoga – is about Union, union about Paramatma and Atma….

Yoga-sana – are the asanas which help you build your body so that you can sit in long hours in mediation without getting back ache… and yoga-sana are 2 different things…Yoga is all encompassing , while Yoga-sana is related to body and mind

Prayer means – you ask for your self and for others (like a begger or sometimes like his ruler) in front of the God, who already know what to provide you and others and what not to provide you.

Meditation means – you sit quietly and ask god – ‘’yeah I am available now, let me know what you want to discuss with me, do you want me to help someone.??.’’ medication is there so that it gives power to you , not to the god…GOD do not need your advice or your prayers, he is anyway the almighty, powerful….

Could you share any anecdotes or success stories from your coaching and consulting experiences that have left a lasting impact on you?

Yes, there are many, Since I have coached over 100+ students through my coaching.

I have handled suicide mentality cases also in the past, I have helped them overcome their weak mindset to the warrior mindset…and now there family and they thank me….these are different cases, you have to handle them with care and now he is happy and doing fine in a good job in corporate company.

How do you stay updated with the latest trends and developments in both the automotive industry and holistic wellness practices, and how does this inform your approach as an author and mentor?

I regularly join seminars, webinars on the technological updates about industry.

If you go to my Instagram profile – I give more importance to self-development and learning, grooming. I attend live event of great speaker and healers in India, so that I get idea of the latest trend and technology in healing – like Healy

I try to know the latest trends in industry as well as remain updated in self-growth.

What advice would you give to recent graduates who may feel overwhelmed or unsure about their next steps in life, especially in today's rapidly changing world?

Read my book dear friends. And If you wish join my course, I am sure your life will be transformed.

Don’t think that I am different from you…..I was same like you, not knowing what to do in this kind of environment.

I always wish I had a guidance and a coach to help me..but I never had, whatever I have learned from last 18 years is completely from my experience and though my pain and failures.

But now you are not alone, if you don’t want to join me….. fine, if you don’t want to buy my book ………….fine……….but get advice from anywhere you can get and without that don’t jump into the darkness, that’s my advice..

Since if you don’t, you will pay the price for it, that is what I can guarantee you, so keep your Ego aside, and get a coach or a great book to help you.

How do you see the concept of holistic living evolving in the future, and what role do you envision yourself playing in shaping this evolution?

See the world around you, what they suffer??? They have all the money they wised for , look at the people in their 40s, 50s …aren’t they having all the amenities at their disposal….?? But are they really happy from inside??? NO…

Why, because they forgot to live holistically, they only concentrated on Money and mediocre and boring job..

Even some of my crorepati friends are in depression, why?? Because they are doing what they do not love…they given up on their dreams and their passion and now they are in mental hell…

Even I tell you many times even the elders come to me for doing my course and I help them, the people in 50s are most frustrated , since they know that they have done nothing to fulfil their desire from last 30 years, they were slave to the corporate world, and now they want some happiness in their life….so we ask them to join our courses….

I am thinking about making separate course for them also in future, if I get good number of audiences, I will do it….

Are there any specific rituals, habits, or practices from your own daily routine that you find particularly beneficial for maintaining balance and well-being?

Yes, sleep around 10:30 pm and get up at 5:30, 6 am

I generally do meditation at this time in my balcony facing east, since the air is fresh and there are birds chirping around the atmosphere is mesmerising.

Its follow with 25 Suryanamaskar + 25 Situps and 3 sets of pull ups and walking for 10-15 mins..

Do healthy breakfast – around 9am, with almonds, fruits…say no to tea or coffee...

Then directly eat your lunch – around 12:30 to 1 pm, or whenever you feel hungry.

After this do not eat in between, no teas, no coffee, no soda…nothing, direct dinner at 7:30 to 8 pm…

While driving my car to office or to client or to different city for seminars – I listen to great audiobooks, last year I have completed 52 books in total..

Read book, after office, take webinars or learn new skills.

Listen to calming music and read book and go to sleep.

The above is my schedule for most of the weekdays…more information about it can I give you in my course about diet plan and healthy exercise

Finally, what's next for you? Do you have any upcoming projects or initiatives in the pipeline that you're excited to share with your audience?

Yes , lot of projects in my mind..

May be a new book and new coarse and a new venture I was thinking about from long time, lets see if I can full fill it in year 2024..

I am thinking of doing something with the help of AI and by the end of the year may be able to teach my students about it.