An UNTOUCHABLE: A Poem by Bhavya Shree V


I have been bleeding
Since my puberty.
I was amused all the time,
Thinking why it is come out of my vagina?
Can't it come from my
Eyes or thigh
Or from my palm or arm?

I was just thirteen..
And this curious me hitted by
Hammers all the time .

Sometimes I squirm
With acute pain,
Thought would die soon
But not
With a stinking smell,
I was bleeding.
why can't it smell good?
I puzzled

Even without a gash or scar
How would it?
Don't know
Curious me don't know where I can resolve my fog

I was untouchable
For my blood of vagina.
The one who flew here and there
seasonally abandoned for her bleeding body.
Besides I was bleeding internally
Of their screams

Don't touch it
Don't lie there
Don't go there
Don't play with 'THEM '

Fed up with this abundance Don'ts

By and by
turned an

THEY throw me
Into a room
Where floor was *RED*
Wall was *RED*
Even the window pane was *RED*
I wrapped into a *RED* blanket
Thinking will get a solace
But I felt buried in a coffin
I yelled loudly
But nobody was there to hear an untouchable's screams .

But this curious me
This time have no curiousity
Why it is 'MEN'struation

Not men but the women make you 'UNTOUCHABLE '

Giggled an untouchable...

by Bhavya Shree V

About the Author

Poet and teacher, Bhavya Shree V was born in the beautiful village of Paravadukkam in Kasargod district. Following graduation and teacher training, she decided to pursue a career as an English language and literature teacher. She hopes and longs for the readers to have a deeper grasp of Marginalised Sections and therefore, focussed on herself as a bilingual poet of social and personal realism in minimalist poetry.Two of her realistic poems, "Funeral" and "Labour Room," were published in the online journal Holistic Pine, with the latter winning the "Readers Choice Award." Also featured as one of the five inspiring women shaping the literary landscape in holistic pine. And she has marked her excellency by authoring poems in both English and Malayalam, which have been published on her blog She is the daughter of Mr. Vasudevan Nambiar and Bharathi M. She is married to Mr. Krishna Kumar A and they have a kid as well.


  1. "Your words are soo deep and touchingg”


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