What is a Woman?

What is a Woman? 

By Nusrat Jabeen

In grace and fidelity, a woman finds her true beauty,
My society thrives, thanks to my woman's duty.
Grace and fidelity, virtues we have learned from her,
On the stage of life, a woman's nature inherently sincere.

Women are not naturally unfaithful, you see,
Those who claim so, misunderstand her decree.
A wife who is not a mother to her spouse,
Can never truly be a good spouse.

When a woman is unfaithful, some men feel hurt.
But it's suggested, let her go, let her assert.
Why stop her from going where she wants to be?
Ask yourself, why hold her back, set her free?

Find someone who truly deserves your care,
A partner who brings joy and love to share.
When love becomes stubborn, it may not endure,
Too much insistence can make love less pure.

The time she spends with you is a kindness,
But only God can provide an everlasting closeness.
People can only offer what they have within,
In relationships, kindness and understanding begin.

About the Author 

Nusrat Jabeen

She is a poet, author, entrepreneur and recieved various awards including top five best author in 2023 inspired by holistic pine which is remarkable. Her two poetry books "a delightful harmony of spirit" and "establish a sacred connection with the divine" achieving appreciation.