A Journey of Changing Roles: How Relationships Evolve Over Time

By Suresh Nair


It has gotten harder to build lasting relationships at work as the modern workplace moves away from the traditional joint family framework. It can be challenging to spend a third of our lives working in an office, and with everyone striving for greater money and careers, it makes sense that people would seek out sincere connections at work.

Making friends at work requires caution, but going out of your way to connect with others can open up a lot of doors for career growth. When dealing with a challenging situation, having a friend to lean on and confide in can make all the difference. It's also good to have someone to share your joys with.

However, it's crucial to keep in mind that many of our "friends" move on and that some people are really there for your benefit as a professional. So that our time at work can be as satisfying as our social life, it's important to start forming meaningful relationships there.

The parent-child bond is also a delicate one that is prone to deterioration as kids get more exposed to the outside world. The duty of caring for parents as they age has migrated away from the children as a result of parents' concentration on their children's education. Nuclear families are becoming more prevalent in urban India, and because the children don't expect to take care of their parents in old age, this might strain ties.

As women's expectations have evolved and the idea of a work-life balance is challenging to accomplish, marriage is also under pressure today. According to statistics, disputes between the bride and her in-laws account for the majority of divorces in India.

Relationships are the most important aspect of life and should not be overlooked. While friends should make time to be there for one another, parents should make sure their children know they are loved and respected. Only by placing relationships first can we lead truly happy and rewarding lives.

First Published in Volume 2: Issue 2