Zest up your Wedding, your Style

By Asma Ferdoes

Marriages are always a happy occasion. It is filled with so many emotions, filled with so many memories, and is a true celebration of life. A celebration of new beginnings, of our journey so far, of a major milestone in our life, and of a union which promises to last a lifetime. It is not merely a set of rituals binding two people into a relationship, it is a harbinger of our acceptance of a new life partner, of new joys to be found together, of new obstacles to be overcome together, of new experiences to be created together, new responsibilities to be shared and new adventures that beckon us.

Weddings encompass so much of us, and of our family and friends. It is such an emotionally invested occasion, its feeling remains with us in our hearts forever on from thence. It is weaved with our dreams and those of our family, with the best of well-wishes of our near and dear ones, and of a combined joy which words can hardly express. So, weddings are no more a big fat celebration whose highlight would be the lavish menu or the bride’s golden appearance. It is now an expression of our feelings and adding our personal touch makes it all the more special. May it be a planned idea of the couple, an intricate part of the event design or a surprise from family and friends, small ideas, handmade with love adds a unique flavour to the entire occasion. It doubles up our joy, makes the moment even more memorable and speaks of so much love and our ecstasy.

So, here are some awesome ideas you can Do-It-Yourself and add your personality to this larger-than-life event. Some are simple to make, some involve a little talent and group effort, and some require our time and dedication, but all are so pretty and guarantee one thing- make us feel extra special, plus become the talk of the town for days to come.

Let’s start with the promise: The Engagement

1. The plate which brings two hearts together (The Engagement Ring Platter):

The mirror reflects the joy of the couple, the flowers signify the myriad of emotions and the tray itself is so elegant and appealing that it can later on adorn the couple’s home as a centrepiece. This DIY by Nino is a wonderful inspiration and the materials are easy to get by. The awesome idea doesn’t limit here. You can make one for every function that carries a load of significance. Make one for the haldi. You can also make a beautiful platter of henna for your mehndi ceremony. A classic idea with a modern spin is sure to win hearts. It is elegant, and classic and embodies the true spirit of love.

Time to spread the word

One important factor is the guest list and wedding invitations are becoming more and more personalised these days. I just love these little notes of love sent out from couples to near and dear ones. They are no more mere general invitations but heart-to-heart messages.

2. Wedding Cards:

Wedding cards have always been a DIY section of weddings personally designed to the couples’ choice and the family’s tradition. These cards add life to the invites and are so easy to order. The bride and groom will appreciate your thoughtfulness and the time and work you put into creating your handmade card. It captures the moment of love and promise in its traditional best and just loves the simplicity and elegance it enshrouds.

Heralding the Big Day

We have finally arrived at the wedding venue and where guests were usually invited with big arches or huge banners displaying the name of the families and to be married couple, welcoming them with these personalised banners is sure to set the mood and be worth the effort.

3. The Bridal Shower:

Every function is an integral part of the wedding and pampering the bride is our way of bidding adieu to our favourite daughter, and her last lap into the cradle of childhood. Surprise the bride with the heart-warming collage of memories on her bridal shower. You can create it as banners of some of her favourite photos, hang them randomly off the ceiling or create a lovely hoop with flowers and ribbons.

4. Wedding Banners:

Adding a personalised cartoon and a note of welcome is just the right idea for the wedding banners. They are so easy to design and are the perfect DIY touch for any wedding. They are a fantastic way to add a personal touch to the big day. DIY wedding decorations can also help save money and give your wedding day a distinctive style for those looking for affordable wedding d├ęcor.

Haldi ceremony

These ceremonies are common to every Indian wedding where the couple are pampered by their family and friends with the application of haldi, multani mitti and in a few traditions alongside some herbs; it heralds the onset of the main chain of events.

5. The Ethnic Decor:

The "Indian Wedding Decoration" plans play a significant role in creating a dream wedding. Indian weddings are grand events that execute grandeur, glitter, and opulence. There is usually excitement and laughter at wedding ceremonies. A typical wedding ceremony is spectacularly embellished with decorations of varying shades. The decorations and festivities are the main focus of the wedding ceremony. Detailing is considered with nothing out of place while beautifying the location and making it shine brightly. One of the most popular decorations for Indian weddings is fresh flowers. They are widely utilised as stage backdrops and in other wedding design elements.

Love is in the air- henna scented

6. Simple Ethnic Display of Love:

The Mehndi ceremony has always been part of the wedding, where the fun begins to take on an emotional hue. It is either the realisation of the nearness of the main event or the spirit of the ceremony, the step-by-step tutorial helps us recreate the magic, and fill the air with the fragrance of love. Add to it the charm of a handmade mehndi thaal (decorated plate), and you will be a treasured friend forever to the bride and her family alike.

Once the colour of mehndi reveals its glory, it is time to take a break and reboot the fun and celebratory mood with some wedding dances and songs. So, let’s move on to the night dedicated to new family bondings and relaxing- The Sangeet ceremony.

It’s time to jazz up.

7. Sangeet:

It is time for a night of music and getting together. A theme that gives us a zillion openings to showcase our DIY talent and impress the guests and make the couple’s day. This musical event honours both the couple's union and the strengthening of the bonds between their two families. This event includes dances performed by the bride and groom's family and friends, songs are sung in unison by the older female family members with the bride as the spotlight, and an open dance floor to remember the celebrations for the following days.

Finally! The Big Day has arrived

8. Floral Chandeliers:

Flowers signify a whole world of emotions and in their simple aromatic language add a touch of glory to any event. They are evergreen, classic, and elegant, and a world-decor no wedding is complete without. And these chandeliers are just so eye-catching, comforting, and elegant, make one easily with your choice of flowers and notch up the decor by a thousand times.

9. Stage Backdrop:

The backdrop of the stage has always been the centre of attraction where the couple remains for hours receiving the guests and exchanging pleasantries. Every wedding has those beautiful arches and drapes and fairy lights in general, but add one of these personalised displays to make it stand out and look unique. Quilling is a very intricate and delicate art, and decor handmade with this technique is just what is needed to make the happy couple happier. A little creativity and teamwork can bring fairy tales to life. Stage backdrops can be made to look sophisticated and elegant using fabric drapes. Chiffon, silk, and satin are just a few of the alternatives for textiles that can be employed. The backdrops can be created to match your wedding's colour scheme if you already have one.

Add some fun activities for the guests

10. The Bucket List:

This idea is really cute and something which will enthral the guest during the day. Keep a decorative bucket in a corner with a board of bucket lists (literally a bunch of leaflets) for the guests to fill up with their wishes, couple goals, and expectations, or add some adventures for the couple to embark on. The list can later be read aloud to add fun to the after-party.

11. Guest-book or poster

Have it your way, but this is another DIY idea to add more joy and memories to the occasion. The guests can either fill up your personalised book or poster, kept in a cosy corner near the centre stage or refreshments counter, with their little notes and wishes. If it’s a book for you, it will hold so many precious memories from so many near and dear ones for the couple to treasure forever, in hand with the photo- album and extra-special gifts. If the poster is your choice of medium, it will adorn a favourite wall of the couples’ home for years to come. I love both ideas and both will make for awesome decor while the day lasts.

Not to forget the guests.

12. Guest Flavours at their Tables:

For such lovely people who have taken time from their busy schedules to partake in our joy and have so many dreams and well-wishes for us, it is always a thoughtful idea to return their feelings with equal joy and love. Instead of pretty return gifts and goodies that are generally given to the guests, it is a wonderful idea to add in a little token of gratitude with personalised notes from the couple or the family or small favours to make the guests feel special.

Do enjoy the cake, please

13. Cake Decor is not a piece of cake:

Cakes have become an integral part of any wedding, across all cultures, communities and countries. The tradition of cake-cutting is fast gaining popularity even in suburban small intimate weddings, and the cakes are almost always tailor-made t the couples’ preference and carry a touch of their personality with them. But cake decor is such a delicate task yet carries so much significance, you have to make it blend in with the cake, highlight the cake, yet not be lost in its appeal.

Let’s talk a little more about the couples

14. Groom Entry:

Though the classic horse-riding groom entry is evergreen and classic, modern couples prefer to go quirky and off-track to make their entrance an event in itself. So, if your groom and his bride are in this league, you can help make it happen in style with some inspiration and creativity.

15. Bride Entry:

Bride’s entry has always been a high point of weddings all across the globe. As the guests and the lucky groom wait with bathed breaths for the first glimpse of the lady of grace, the epitome of elegance herself is pulsating with her own emotions and excitement. So, it is up to us to help her make her entrance most excellently and calm her nerves in the process too.

16. Flower Bouquets:

No wedding is complete without a bridal flower bouquet, and now there are fewer ways you can extend your support in a sweeter way to the marrying couple than making a bouquet for them yourself. There are so many tutorials to guide you and tons of ideas to explore.

The culmination of the entire fresco!

17. The mandap/ altar:

This is the crux of the moment when every effort and joy we weaved together binds two happy souls together for eternity. These pleasing mandap decors speak of the serenity of the moment, and when made by friends and family become the highlight of the ceremony. Just play with colours, drapes, fairy lights and traditional props to create something truly unforgettable.

18. The Palki/ Newly-wed Car:

The "getaway car" is one of those wedding customs that we just can't get enough of. We love seeing wedding cars decorated after the ceremony, and there are lots of sweet ways to do it, such as placing pretty floral garlands across the boot or the bumper, adding streamers (there are countless options, including stars, hearts, paper chains, and ribbons), or hanging cheery and adorable bunting. Make them even more special by decorating them with hearts and doodles and adding the names and wedding dates of the couple.

New home and new beginnings

19. Welcoming the bride:

First impressions are the best! And welcoming the newest member of the family has to be a heart-winning effort. Leave no stones unturned, or to be closer to the theme- no flowers and diyas overlooked when planning this decor. Make the bride feel at home, and this ceremony also acts as the ice-breaker to establish warm familial relations. So, do not underestimate the value of this ceremony and give it your best idea.

20. The wedding night:

This is the conclusion to the entire wedding celebration, yet the first step into a new life for the couple. This moment remains special in their hearts forever, and hence the room decor for their first night is like setting the tone for a beautiful romance novel. You need to play it right and use the right hues and flowers.

All said and done:

Weddings are grand in their very essence and no matter how over-the-top or simple the couple wish to keep the celebration, these DIY ideas will always help meet the ends and create a series of memories and memorabilia for the couple and their family to treasure for years to come, and for the guests to enjoy and recollect with awe the tiny bits that made it so special. So, get creative and forage for some inspiration to make this day happen as you imagine it in your mind.