Growth Marketing: by Roopal Arora

Growth Marketing

Life is about realising that you always get what you want.Growth marketing is a process of experimentation across marketing channels and product development to find most efficient ways to grow a business.It focuses on customer relationship building and fostering trust in business.It involves data collection,interpretation,organisation and integration.It develops brand awareness and affinity towards its customers.It focuses more on reaching the target customer.It is about seeking new ways to add valued information to each user’s growing path.It is digital marketing strategy that is focused on quickly growing a company.

They work to find innovative ways to drive user engagement,retain customers and turn them into brand achievers.It is an approach to attracting,doing user research,engaging,retaining customers.It drives growth for a business.It is focused on using data to make informed decisions about how to develop a business.They are willing to try new things and take risks in order to drive growth.

It means looking at several phases a customer goes through,from the first time they become aware of the business to the point where they become a loyal customer.This means being willing to adjust and adapt to new customer needs and market strategies based on data and response that they receive.It is about creating an enjoyable experience for your customers.It involves giving clear and helpful customer support.They analyse data and use marketing tools to optimise their campaigns.It is about finding innovative ways to reach and engage customers.They are passionate about the product or service they are promoting.Social media platforms can help build trust and loyalty with your customers.It is about creating valuable content and experiences that keep customers coming back.

by Roopal Arora

She is Roopal Arora.She has done engineering in Information Technology.She has done Masters in Business Administration in Information Technology.She is OCP and SAP professional.She has done two courses from British Council.She is Microsoft educator,buncee educator and wakelet educator.She is a brainmaths professional.She has 6 years experience in big IT firms like Wipro and CNEB network as IT professional.She is remotely working for Marucom private firm as Manager Technical.She is a content writer with many writing firms.She has been part of thirty Anthologies.She got featured in many magazines.


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