Resignation of Sunil Narine: You might have heard this, make sure you have!

by Vrinda A

Sunil Narine

Sunil Narine, after an illustrious eight-year international career, has chosen to bid adieu to the world stage. His last appearance for the West Indies was in a T20I back in August 2019. In a heartfelt message on Instagram, the usually reticent Narine announced his retirement from international cricket, expressing his gratitude to those who supported him in fulfilling his dream of representing the West Indies.

The Emergence of a Star

Narine's journey to cricket stardom began with the now-defunct Champions League T20 in 2011 when he represented Trinidad & Tobago. Later that year, he made his international debut in an ODI. This marked the beginning of a remarkable career that spanned 122 international matches, including six Test matches, 65 ODIs, and 51 T20Is.

T20 World Cup Triumph

A defining moment in Narine's career came in 2012 when he played a pivotal role in the West Indies' conquest of the T20 World Cup. His exceptional performance in the tournament, where he clinched nine wickets, played a significant role in ending the West Indies' World Cup drought since 1979.

Dominating the T20 Circuit

Since 2012, Sunil Narine has been a prominent member of the Kolkata Knight Riders' squad in the IPL. His mastery of the T20 format has made him a recognizable face in the global T20 circuit. He continues to represent various franchises across multiple leagues, including Abu Dhabi in the International League T20, Trinbago in the Caribbean Premier League, and Los Angeles in Major League Cricket.

The Unfortunate Bowling Action Saga

In 2014, Narine faced a significant setback when his bowling action came under suspicion. This controversy led to his withdrawal from the ODI World Cup the following year, reducing his appearances on the international stage.

A Domestic Trophy and a Tribute

Now at the age of 35, Narine is focusing on securing a domestic trophy. In a touching tribute to his father's influence on his career, he expressed, "[My father] is ever present with me when I take to the field, and I am indebted to his support and love, which carried me through the times I questioned whether the pursuit of my dreams was really worth it." He also expressed his affection for representing Trinidad & Tobago and his desire to culminate his career by winning the Super50 Cup.

The Final Lap

As it stands, the ongoing Super50 Cup will mark Narine's final appearance in List A cricket. His retirement marks a significant moment in the world of cricket, bringing an end to a remarkable career that has left an indelible mark on the sport.

Sunil Narine's retirement is a poignant moment for cricket enthusiasts worldwide. His journey from a young Trinidadian cricketer to a global T20 superstar is nothing short of inspiring. As he embarks on this new chapter of his life, we can only look back and appreciate the incredible contributions he has made to the game.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Sunil Narine's most significant achievement in his international career?

Sunil Narine's most significant achievement was his pivotal role in the West Indies' victory in the 2012 T20 World Cup.
2. Why did Sunil Narine withdraw from the ODI World Cup in 2015?

Narine withdrew from the ODI World Cup in 2015 due to suspicions surrounding his bowling action.
3. Which domestic trophy is Sunil Narine aiming to win in his retirement?

Narine is aiming to win the Super50 Cup in his retirement, representing Trinidad & Tobago.
4. How long was Sunil Narine's international career?

Sunil Narine had an eight-year international career, spanning 122 matches.
5. What role did Sunil Narine play in the IPL?

Narine has been a prominent member of the Kolkata Knight Riders' squad in the Indian Premier League (IPL).