We may Have Lost the Cup this Year, but Hope is not Lost

By Asma Ferdoes

Cricket in India is not just a game. It is a Celebration! It is a binding force that brings people from all generations and genders together. It unites the whole of India in one spirit and one rhythm. Let’s be honest, cricket is bigger and stronger than all differences in India. We Indians don’t just watch or enjoy cricket; we live cricket.

And winning the biggest tournament in the world of cricket- ICC men’s cricket World Cup, is a dream of the players and the citizens alike. The recently concluded tournament saw some awe-inspiring performances from our team and a dream run which was truly amazing. This year however India lost to Australia at the end and we will have to wait another four years to compete for the prestigious trophy once again. The cup may be lost but we have won the tournament. Majority of the ‘best’ awards were honoured on us including The best batsmen, and the best innings haul. There have been some amazing performances that speak for themselves. In fact, our players outnumber the rest of the teams in the official ICC World Cup team. Players like our skipper Rohit Sharma, our starbatsmen Virat Kohli, our head coach Rahul Dravid, and bowler Mohammed Shami have proven to be forces to be wary of.

So we may have lost the Cup this year, but hope is not lost. Our players are well determined and ready to win it next time around. And as true fans we must stand by them and appreciate their efforts and accolades they have won for us. Let us not let this defeat dampen their spirits and stand united with them.