Beyond the Pen: Exploring the Multifaceted World of Abhishek Haridasan

By Ankush Bharti

Unveiling the Creative Odyssey of Abhishek Haridasan: A Marketer, Poet, and Inspirational Author

In a world brimming with talents, some individuals carve a unique niche by weaving creativity into their every endeavor. Abhishek Haridasan stands tall as a seasoned Marketing and Social Media Professional, wielding a pen that orchestrates honesty and authenticity in every stroke. With over a decade of experience, Abhishek has seamlessly merged his professional acumen with a fervent passion for conveying genuine messages that resonate deeply.

Journey into the Realm of Words

Abhishek's journey into the world of writing is one adorned with passion nurtured from a young age. His teachers sowed the seeds of confidence, encouraging him to explore the realms of literature. Through the highs and lows of life, writing became not just a pastime but a solace, a means to heal, and a channel to express thoughts and emotions.

As he pursued his academic milestones, writing burgeoned into an all-encompassing passion. It paved the way for professional roles where he could effectively communicate through various visual media, utilizing his knack for storytelling to captivate audiences.

Inspiration Sprung from Admirable Figures

In Abhishek's kaleidoscope of inspirations, figures who communicate with intent hold a special place. From revered icons like APJ Abdul Kalam to sporting legends such as Sachin Tendulkar and Roger Federer, he draws inspiration from those who have mastered their craft and communicated their experiences effectively. He also acknowledges the power of the younger generation, finding inspiration in their simplicity and achievements.

Diverse Passions Beyond the Pen

Abhishek's interests extend far beyond the confines of writing. Engaging in focused reading, creating long-form blogs, delving into audio-casts and video podcasts, and exploring locales conducive to introspection and writing are among his varied pursuits. His foray into food blogging, coupled with an avid interest in sports commentary, culture, and current affairs, paints a picture of a multifaceted individual.

According to Abhishek, creativity isn't just a skill; it's a catalyst for growth and a spice that enhances life's experiences. He emphasizes the importance of not merely idling with ideas but harnessing them, utilizing digital mediums wisely, and respecting the process that underlies every creative endeavor.

Guiding Light for Aspiring Authors

Abhishek's advice for budding authors echoes the essence of perseverance, starting small, and embracing technology to fuel creativity. His words carry the wisdom of experience, advocating authenticity and the willingness to make sacrifices to tread the path toward becoming a proficient author.

A Vision for the Future

With three distinct literary works under his belt and aspirations to expand his literary repertoire further, Abhishek envisions a future where his words continue to inspire and resonate deeply with readers.

In a world where creativity weaves the fabric of innovation and expression, Abhishek Haridasan emerges as a beacon, guiding aspiring authors to harness their potential. His journey embodies the spirit of perseverance, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of honing one's craft, inspiring all to embark on their creative odyssey.

In an exclusive interview, Abhishek sheds light on his journey, emphasizing the pivotal role of teachers in nurturing his passion for writing and articulating the importance of learning from both experienced and contemporary figures. His diverse interests, from focused reading to sports commentary and writing books, paint a vivid picture of his multifaceted persona.

Abhishek's message to aspiring authors is steeped in practicality, urging them to start small, harness technology, and prioritize authenticity in their writing endeavors. His words reverberate with the essence of perseverance and the willingness to make sacrifices for one's passion.

Through his writings and engagements, Abhishek embodies the spirit of creativity, leaving an indelible mark while inspiring others to embrace the journey of storytelling and self-expression.

Here is an exclusive conversation with him:

What motivated you to pursue writing as a profession?

Writing did come naturally to me, and I think my first tryst with regular writing began right before the turn of the century. Furthermore, as I reached Grade 8, my teachers instilled confidence within me to hone my talent.

Even during multiple sour incidents in my life, writing stories and reviewing classic noir movies helped me heal, and I credit my English teachers from kindergarten to Grade 12 for making me pull my socks up and encouraging me to read more and write even more.

As I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, writing became a passion that had no comparison. This helped me direct myself to professional roles where I could learn new things and communicate effectively through multiple visual media.

Could you share the individuals or figures that inspire your creative endeavors?

Everyone who communicates well, especially with intent, is someone I look forward to. Moreover, inspirational figures are many, and it is essential to learn from their experiences and customize them to our benefit.

I look up to some inspirational figures: APJ Abdul Kalam, Roger Federer, Sachin/Dravid, Martina Navratilova, Kobe Bryant, and Swami Vivekananda.

For the current crop of achievers – Virat Kohli, Mithali Raj, PV Sindhu, and Praganandha come to mind. It’s amazing how we tend to associate experience with inspiration; however, in the times that we live in, even the youngest member can inspire a pack of experienced individuals with their simplicity.

Can you outline some of your recreational interests and pastimes?

📌Focused and timed reading is something that I enjoy

📌Blogging (long form) and audio-casts/video podcasts are essential formats that I enjoy

📌Traveling to locales that allow introspection and writing is key for me

📌Food blogging is a semi-passion that I indulge in once in a while

📌Sports commentary, culture and current affairs commentary is something I enjoy from a learning standpoint

📌Writing books (written three at the moment) is a new skill that I am honing and I hope to reach double figures soon

In your view, what importance does creativity hold, and why is it crucial in various aspects of life?

All of us are creative; we tend to laze around with our ideas, which I consider detrimental to our growth

Digital mediums have given creativity a voice; we must ensure we use it wisely

Don’t leave anything to assumption. Even creativity needs a process – respect that

Having a chip up your sleeve is essential – it makes mundane tasks look fantastic

Creativity can spice your life – never settle for the ordinary

What advice would you like to convey to aspiring authors just starting their journey?

📌Write down what you think is necessary. Please don’t leave it to assumption

📌Start small – 200 words per day, 1500 words a week, and in a matter of months, you will be excelling in your field

📌Some authors are born with the skills, other acquire it – be efficient and steadfast in what you hope to achieve through your writing gigs

📌AI is in our lives, so if you can’t write right away, use voice apps to collect your thoughts and listen to them again – convert them into words and use AI tools to enhance your skills. Don’t forget about authenticity – that’s what makes you special

📌Some sacrifices are necessary to become an author – prioritize what matters to you and see the world come within your grasp

📌Remember to smile and be in a good mood. It will reflect positively on your writing

Stay Safe. Stay Blessed, and Keep the Hustle Mode On!