Letter to the Younger You by Mrs. Pranita Kalekar Savale

Dear Younger Pranita,

You had few friends with whom you used to speak. You didn't speak much to others as you were shy. Rather than speaking to others you always preferred to speak to your own heart. Listening to your heart you wrote your feelings on a piece of paper. That is how poetry entered into your life.

You always thought of being a poet and wanted to publish your own poetry book just like your father . But unfortunately, it didn't happen for years. Your dream was just a dream till it became a reality. Let me tell you the dream which you dreamt of has finally come true.

Today I am proud of you that you gained courage and took a few steps to change your dream into becoming a reality. You came out of your comfort zone and thought of achieving your dream.
You are always smiling , caring and loving. 

You always make people happy with your poems and your artworks. Just believe in yourself , be positive as always. I want you to be confident, loving and smiling till your last breath.

Older Pranita

by Mrs. Pranita Kalekar Savale 

Pranita Kalekar Savale obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. In addition to being a wife, mother, she is also a poet. She loves writing, cooking and sketching. She is the published author of the "Tune your Heart" Poetry book. She is co-author of 10+ anthologies of different publications. She has written poems in different languages like English, Hindi and Marathi for her college magazines. Poetry is her passion, energy and in true sense it gives her a feeling of satisfaction that she is in touch with people through her poetry. Her poetry comes from certain incidents around her .She has now ingrained herself as an author with her first solo book "Tune Your Heart '' which is a poetry collection and is available on Amazon. Recently her book has won the highly prestigious 21st century Emily Dickinson Award 2023, which has given an honor for her remarkable talent in literary creation.