Holistic Pine Sahitya Puraskar Winner Ashreeta Mohanty: A Journey of Dedication, Resilience, and Literary Excellence in the World of Writing


Ashreeta Mohanty is a remarkable individual who has seamlessly navigated the transition from a successful career in the ITES industry to establishing herself as an accomplished writer. Her journey is marked by passion, resilience, and a thirst for knowledge that has led her to explore an array of diverse topics in her writing.

Ashreeta's early experiences in school ignited her enduring love for literature, setting the stage for her future endeavors as a writer. She embarked on her writing journey through guest blogging, fearlessly delving into subjects such as socio-economic issues, geopolitics, lifestyle, and more. However, this journey briefly paused after marriage.

What sets Ashreeta apart is the unwavering support she received from her husband, which served as a catalyst for reigniting her passion for writing. Her comeback was further bolstered by the power of social media, which allowed her to reconnect with the writing community and rekindle her enthusiasm for the craft.

Ashreeta's achievements in recent times include collaborating with publication houses and contributing as a co-author to several esteemed anthologies. Her dynamic writing style and ability to explore a wide range of topics reflect her rich background in the ITES industry.

One of the crowning moments in Ashreeta's writing career is the prestigious Holistic Pine Sahitya Puraskar, a testament to her dedication and talent. She envisions a future filled with diverse writing opportunities and continues to balance her full-time job in academic research and event management with her thriving writing career.

Ashreeta Mohanty's journey is a testament to the possibilities that emerge when passion meets determination. As she continues to evolve and inspire through her writing, there's no doubt that her name will shine brightly in the literary world.

Here is an exclusive conversation with her.

Your transition from the ITES industry to a career in writing is quite intriguing. Could you walk us through the pivotal moments that led to this shift?

I am still continuing with my ITES job but now I am able to persue my dream which is to make some name in writing. I am able to do it more convincingly and effortlessly I would say. All because of my constant source of motivation i.e my husband. He is extremely supportive and always want me to excel in whichever field I am associated with. He respects my passion and dedication towards it.

What inspired you to explore such a diverse range of topics in your guest blogging, including socio-economic issues, geopolitics, and lifestyle?

Mostly I have my interest in those topics. Social issues always impacted me from the beginning. As I got matured with my writing I started to get inclined towards global economics and diplomacy as well. Other than that I have huge intersting in Sports and environment.

How has your professional background in ITES influenced your writing style and perspective on various domains?

My professional experiences inspired me to write more on lifestyle, work life balance, personality development, money management etc. It is obvious that your work place, colleagues, authorities have significant influence on you.

You mentioned that your writing journey took a break after marriage. Can you share more about the challenges you faced and how you managed to restart your writing career?

Honestly, I never thought I could restart my writing journey. With marriage there comes additional responsibilities in our lives. You need to take care of both the families and as I am doing job it was initially difficult for me to manage both office and household works. It was taking both physical and mental toll on me. Also in arrange marriage when your husband is 7-8 years elder than you it takes time to build that rapo you know. And I got married during covid. That period was so horrific I couldn't even think of anything else other than health and well being. 

When I moved out of my in-laws house and stayed with my husband where he was working I got enough time to nurture my creativity again. Day to-day life started to be kind of boring. It increases irritation, I become more inpatient then my husband advice to do what I like in my leisure time. Sometimes a little advice can help a lot. Then I started reading and writing again. I like to do painting as in cartoons sometimes. I started investing time in those which brought back the peace inside me.

The role of your husband in encouraging your return to writing is noteworthy. Could you tell us more about his support and how it impacted your journey?

I think I have answered most of it in the previous question. Additionally, he helps me with household stuffs whenever he gets time. In that way I get more leisure time to think and do something creative and express them through my writing.

Social media played a crucial role in reconnecting you with the writing community. Can you elaborate on the specific ways in which it helped you regain your footing in the writing world?

I am fond of twitter presently called X. The way people express their feelings in diverse topic over there always fascinates me. But it has a certain word limit as we all know. One of my cousins once introduced me to a platform in Instagram (around a year nad a half back) where we can take part in some writing contest for free. Until then even if I was using Instagram I was literally unaware such things exist. And I don't have any shame in admitting that. I am truly grateful to that girl for introducing me to this wonderful wonderful world of "writergram." From then there is no looking back. You know how these social media platforms work right. It's fast paced. I started connecting with people and organization one after another.

Collaborating with publication houses and contributing to anthologies is a significant achievement. Can you share a memorable experience or project from this phase of your career?

What advice would you offer to writers who are looking to transition from guest blogging to more substantial writing projects, such as co-authoring anthologies or working with publication houses?

My first project will of course be the most special one. I collaborated with Rosewood Publication for one of their Anthologies named "Disabled Society" and the title of my write up was "Colour Purple". It was basically on the influence of social media on disable people, how rehabilitation can help disability, when United Nations started observing the "International Day for Disabled Person" and why.

Could you share a few examples of authors or literary works that have left a lasting impression on your writing and your outlook on life?

In your writing, do you find yourself drawn to particular themes or topics that resonate with you on a personal level? If so, what are they, and why do they matter to you?

When I was in school my uncle gave me Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam which had the most lasting impression on me. During college days I used to read booka of Mr. Shiv Khera, those were extremely motivating. I do read novels of Indian authors. Once I got a chance interact with renowned author Preeti Shenoy.

Winning the Holistic Pine Sahitya Puraskar is a significant milestone. What does this achievement mean to you, and how has it influenced your writing journey?

I can describe my feelings in words to be honest. The only thing I can tell is I am extremely humbled and filled with gratitude to achieve this. I wholeheartedly thank The Holistic Pine to accept my nomination and honour me with such a prolific award. Not only me my whole family is proud of this rare achievement.

As someone who enjoys writing about diverse topics, what are some versatile opportunities you aspire to explore in the future?

I would love to be featured in more interviews, I would also like to collaborate with national and international authors, would like to deliver keynote speeches and most importantly would love to publish my solo book soon.

Balancing a full-time job in academic research and event management with a writing career can be challenging. Could you share some time-management strategies that have helped you succeed in both areas?

See, if you are really passionate about something, you are sure of something then you will be able manage your time as well. I have learnt it through my experience. I would advice my fellow writers not to drop their writing journey at any circumstances. Keep writing and keep inspiring. As they say when there is a will, thew ia way. And in this age of social media, getting writing tips is easy,  platforma are more accessible, approachable. So do not restrict yourself in persuing which you really love and aspire.

What are your current writing projects or goals that you'd like to share with your readers and fellow writers?

Currently I am again associated with some publication houses as co-writer. Those anthologies are based on women empowerment. Exploring a completely new genre of Spirituality as well. From February 2024 I will shift my focus on complete writing my solo book.

Lastly, could you share a favourite quote or piece of advice that has motivated you throughout your writing journey?

My favourite quote is "if you cannot explain it simply you don't understand it well enough". I think this is more suitable for budding writers. We need to put across our thought simply yet effectively so that it can reach up to more and more readers.

Lastly, I just want to say thank you very much for doing this interview. It was an amazing experience. Hope you liked it too.