MAXWELL’S AMBROSIA: A Poem by Brittany



From the beehive to wine

Sweet honey produced.

Inspiration for Ken Maxwell

From centuries before




A beautiful honey mead

Today a gorgeous cellar door

Vineyards stretching for 100 acres.

Grape wines and honey wines

Created in unison.

Hosting events in a

mystical limestone cave

mined over 100 years ago

Honey mead

From the nectar of the gods

Our very own ambrosia from the Vale

by Brittany

Brittany is an aspiring writer. Words became her life as an escape from a lonely life. Brittany was born with a rare genetic disorder. Being a little different at school made those days a bit tough, so she lost herself in the pages of books. Her past has shaped her current life, bringing with it a great enjoyment in learning & writing. She loves delving into the history of museums, and relishes the beauty of art, both of which bring a sense of tranquility to her otherwise confusing life. Her lifes’ ambition is to complete her memoirs and inspire others with a disability to chase their dreams and reach for the stars.

'Start small - dream big'