FIRST LOVE: A Poem by Vandana Nalini Singh in the First Love series

Nature you are the first love of my life;
From you I learned to be firm and calm amidst strife.
Whenever in discomfort or turmoil, 
I turned my face towards you;
You laid my head on your chest and encircled your arms around me.
My pain was absorbed by your warm embrace;
There's no one whom I could find as your replace.
My dreams and thoughts revolve around you,
Everything about you is so refreshing and new
I closed my eyes and heard your music;
The rhythm flowed within my being.
The calm of the earth and the green lush around;
Make my pulse beat and heart rejoice.
No matter where life's ocean leads me too;
My love for nature will always renew.
Tall trees, leaves glistening with dew,
fields of daisies and butterflies in view
I feel the wind, I smell the flowers,
you are amazing, relaxing and bountiful too.
Nature is beautiful in every way;
Spend time with it... Don't go away.
Nature is wonderful, heartwarming and exciting
Color's sprawling, flowers blooming, 
butterflies fluttering and the sun shining bright;
Enjoy it, love it and never let it go out of sight.
Nature is beautiful, nature is unique;
It always leaves me in a state of craving.
My first love blows my mind;
All that I desire is to enjoy and rewind.

by Vandana Nalini Singh

She is Vandana Nalini Singh from Noida,Uttar Pradesh. An award winning academician, a prolific writer, motivational speaker, researcher, entrepreneur, social activist ,beauty icon and a professor of History. Endowed with a rich academic career, from being University Topper of Lucknow University in Medieval and Modern History to being honoured with the National Award from the Ministry of Human Affairs Directorate of higher education for academic excellence.She has various national and international accolades to her credit including the highest college award ‘Isabella Thoburn Award’ for academic excellence and social service,'The Real Super Woman 'Award 2021 for Multi Talented category ,AIWA’s : Asia’s Top Hundred Influential Women award in the category of educationist/author/motivational speaker,'Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam National Excellence Award' for excellence as an educator Literary Award ,‘Tagore Sahitya Samman’ for literary excellence, 'Sarojini Naidu Iconic Women Achievers’award for contributing to women empowerment,'Glorious Indians’ Pride of India’ award for impeccable contribution towards national upliftment through education,‘Sheroes Naari samman’on the occasion of international women’s day, Vishwa Bharat Hunar Samman as Versatile Woman of the year ,Charles Dickens Award,Mother Teresa Memorial award , Women of Excellence award,City Excellence award etc. As a member of the “Inspiring Women Community” and ‘Indian Women’s History Museum Foundation’, she has endeavored to inspire and uplift women. She has participated in various workshops , conferences ,seminars, symposiums and webinars .As an author she has co - authored several books such as’ Rising India…..An Echo’ ,‘Samvad…Deliberations on Gender Equality’, ‘Fundamentals of Public Speaking.’ , ‘ Artificial Intelligence An Inducement of Technology in Human Affairs’, ‘Literature and History;Exchanges and Interaction etc.She continues to transcend boundaries that could limit a woman from leaving a trace behind and leaves no stone unturned to dream big and stand tall.