Breaking the Stigma: Prioritising Mental Health on World Mental Health Day 2023- By Nidhi Kalta


It is very important to look after your mental well-being and stop treating mental health problems as they are something to be ashamed of. It is sad to see that people dealing with mental health problems often face unkindness, shame, and discrimination and don’t get help when in need. Due to lack of support, the situation can lead to suicide, which showcases how crucial it is for everyone to understand more about this issue. We all need to realize our part in creating a society that takes mental health seriously and takes quick action to help the ones in need. A small step in the right direction is to break stigma and discrimination and encourage people to ask for professional help when they need it. Just like we care for and nurture our gardens, we should do the same by showing them, love attention, and care.

October 10th marks World Mental Health Day, focusing on the theme ‘Mental health is a universal human right.’ Globally emphasizes the fundamental importance of mental well-being, elevating it to the same significance level as physical health. Just as we dedicate effort to maintaining our bodies through various activities i.e. exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet. Our minds require similar attention to sustain a positive and healthy state. There is a continuous flow of emotions and thoughts within us which fluctuate and it is natural, it is crucial to recognize these changes and take active measures to restore the mental equilibrium.

Let’s look at our mind as a garden that needs regular care. Just as a garden needs water, sunlight, and fertilizer remove weeds that prevent the plant from growing well. In the same way, we need to get rid of the negative thoughts from our minds think positively, and take care of ourselves for mental well-being. Taking care of our thoughts and emotions is the same as taking care of the garden.

Dealing with stress, and various problems, and maintaining a positive outlook are all part of looking after your mental health. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, our mental garden can become messy and difficult to manage. Mental health problems can throw us off balance, making it tough to function well.

Dealing with such challenges one needs to seek assistance from a mental health professional which is similar to consulting a skilled gardener to help restore and maintain the health of our mental garden. These professionals possess the expertise and tools to guide us in addressing mental health challenges, restoring our mental garden, and nurturing a healthy, thriving mind. Seeking help is a great initiative that requires strength and is a pivotal step toward achieving and preserving good mental health. It is okay to ask for help and do not hesitate to reach out for the support needed to nurture your well-being and embrace a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

Just remember, a well-maintained garden and a well-cared mind can grow and make your life awesome. So, prioritize your mental well-being and seek help when necessary, as doing so represents an investment in a brighter and more resilient future for yourself.