Saptasindhu, India's Beloved Charity, Gains Prestigious Invitation to UK Parliament's INDO-UK Business Meet and Excellence Awards

Saptasindhu, a beacon of hope and support for orphans and countless charitable organizations in India, has received a remarkable honour. It is the exclusive charity partner representing India at the distinguished Houses of Parliament in the United Kingdom for the highly-anticipated INDO-UK Business Meet and Networking event, accompanied by the prestigious International Excellence Awards.

Saptasindhu, founded by the renowned Padmashri Dr. Sou Sindhutai Sapakal, affectionately known as "maai," is celebrated as India's mother to orphans. This invitation marks a significant milestone for Saptasindhu and its remarkable work. Maai has been a global inspiration, frequently invited as a motivational speaker and recipient of numerous awards. However, this unique invitation to the UK's Houses of Parliament provides a platform for her to share the institution's profound impact and mission.

The event is masterfully organised by Creative Elements UK, a well-established institution in London, recognized for hosting top-tier business networking events and bestowing honours for business excellence. Creative Elements actively champions several charitable organisations in the UK and India, making this collaboration with Saptasindhu a testament to their shared commitment to creating a positive impact on society.

Saptasindhu's presence in the INDO-UK Business Meet and Networking event and the International Excellence Awards within the prestigious setting of the UK Parliament symbolises a global recognition of their exceptional charitable endeavours. As Saptasindhu continues to unite mothers and organisations in support of orphans, this momentous occasion promises to be an inspiring chapter in their journey.

About Saptasindhu

Saptasindhu, led by Padmashri Dr. Sou Sindhutai Sapakal, is a beacon of hope for orphans and charitable organisations in India. Founded by "maai," Saptasindhu is celebrated for its mission to unite and uplift mothers and organisations in support of the less fortunate.

About Creative Elements UK

Creative Elements UK is a distinguished organisation based in London, renowned for hosting high-profile business networking events and recognizing business excellence through awards. Their active support of charitable organisations in the UK and India underscores their commitment to making a positive impact on society.