Impact of Social Media: A Reflection by Roopal Arora

Life is about finding what you want in your path.Social media is a great form of communication.It is easier to reach out to more people and put forward one’s point of view.It allows customers to create content and share information.By sharing one’s experiences,we learn to connect and relate with each other.We can raise awareness about different social issues.It can be really helpful for expanding business.It is a great source of earning.It is used to network career opportunities,form new friends across the world with shared interests.By bringing people from all over the world together in a single place.It is a great place to find educators to learn new skills and get information.

It has some negative effects.It brings distress many a times.It actually separates us from others. It can make you believe that you can control the way you want to.It distracts us from our purpose of life.Some people use social media to manipulate others by sharing incorrect information.It orients individual’s thoughts and beliefs on different matters in a negative direction.Overuse of social media has great impact on thinking and attention.

Share positive thoughts on social media.Create meaningful connections that help you overcome the difficulties of life.It is through social media,you can raise your voice,connect and target the audience know what you want to convey.It is about building engagement through it. For a better tomorrow and brighter future,social media should be restricted to only offering its major purpose and not allowing it to interfere in every aspect of one’s life.It depends on our strong will and determination on how to control our social media usage for good.It remains efficient means of connecting communities across the world.

by Roopal Arora


She is Roopal Arora.She has done engineering in Information Technology.She has done Masters in Business Administration in Information Technology.She is OCP and SAP professional.She has done two courses from British Council.She is Microsoft educator,buncee educator and wakelet educator.She is a brainmaths professional.She has 6 years experience in big IT firms like Wipro and CNEB network as IT professional.She is remotely working for Marucom private firm as Manager Technical.She is a content writer with many writing firms.She has been part of thirty Anthologies.She got featured in many magazines.