Words of Wisdom: Roopal Arora on the Power of Writing, Learning, and Empathy in the Digital Age

 Roopal Arora is a dynamic and multitalented writer based in Delhi,India.With a diverse range of roles,she thrives as an IT professional,freelancer educator,author,blogger and writer.Her expertise extends to being Microsoft,Buncee,Wakelet educator,showcasing her commitment to education and technology integration.Beyond her professional achievements,Roopal is an OCP and SAP professional,demonstrating her proficiency in these domains.Currently serving as Manager Technical at Marucom,she exemplifies leadership and technical accumen.Her creative flair shines as a Creative Coordinator and her honors,features in numerous books,magazines and websites underscores her impact and recognition in her field.

1.How would you describe role of writers in society and why do you think it is important?

Ans:Writing is about discovering what you believe.A writer influences the society with its words,stories,experiences.It impacts the society by writing about solutions to several problems.It has power to bring focus to essential social issues and inspire change.It changes the way we view ourselves and how we interact with others.Writing explores new ways of discovering ourself.It helps us to define ourselves.It shapes different forms of society.When something inspires you,it pushes you to do something new and different in life.

2.How do you believe writing skills impact overall learning and development?

Ans:Writing is a path to learning anything about everything.It helps you discover life from different perspectives.Learning how to write can make us better readers.You are doing something you enjoy.You are getting better at writing.It is essential in enhancing decision making and problem solving processes.It gives positive approach to keep you going in life.It can be used to explore one’s thoughts and beliefs.It transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities.What you learn can help you embrace positive things about yourself.

 3.Writing helps us to maintain great thinking and cognitive skills.What are your views in this topic?

Ans:Thinking can enhance the way we tell our ideas.Writing can give us a sense of achievement,which is a very empowering feeling to have.Writing needs effort.It enhances expansion of your thinking and formation of links between ideas.It allows you to see connections between thoughts and gives us solution to difficult problems.It allows us to see life in a new way.Write with thought.It helps you understand and analyse situation based on available information.It is a process of sharing your ideas and beliefs.

4.What factors do you believe contribute to decreasing habit of reading?What would be your suggestion to writers?

Ans:Reading is about finding what you believe.Reading habit is formed through several influences,activities,encouragement and mentoring.You need to motivate yourself to find time for reading.Just keep track of your reading.Lack of focus on one thing at a time affects reading habit.Social media hampers creativity as much of time is used in sharing and sending things to others.Create a reading space.When you read,you feel more connected to everything in life.When you read,the mind feels no distinction between reading about an experience and actually living it.It gives us ability to solve problems,understand things and find meaning in experiences of life.

5.How do you think a strong foundation in writing can contribute to creating a more empathetic and socially skilled society?

Ans:Sharing your own thoughts and experiences can help us create great connection with others.It gives us the ability to go inside another’s mind,to feel what they feel and understand their thoughts.You can show empathy through various thoughts such as compassion and caring.Having an empathetic approach in your writing is a great way to help show things as authentically as possible.It's the desire to help others and remove their pain.It's doing things for others when you know about their difficulties.It connects you with yourself.It helps us understand life from different perspectives.

6.How has digital age and social media affected role of writers in society?

Ans:Social media allows you to connect with community of your choice,that further motivates you on your writing.You can enhance your visibility and grow yourself.The best platform for writers is one that fits your needs.It allows for more immediate and interactive form of communication and information sharing.It enable users to create and share content in different social media platforms.It creates real change by giving new paths of development.Just start writing.Have clear purpose in writing.Share positive thoughts on social media.Create meaningful connections.When learning is purposeful,creativity grows in life.

7.In what ways can writers inspire individuals to take action for positive social change?What message would you like to share with our readers?

Ans:Writing is beautiful outcome of connecting yourself with your life.Strings of words that are drawn to our hearts work as steps into the soul.You may find that as you take time to write,you might just become a little more inspired every day.We learn about who we are and who we want to be.Writing is just about experiencing things.It makes us see and think things we never did before.It has power to inspire,stimulate and change lives.You are growing every day.It is about exploring your strength.If you love what you are doing,you will feel blissful.You have to create a way for yourself.Keep moving forward,explore new ways and try different things.Your power stays in your belief.If you are doing your best,you won’t think about distress.There is always something beautiful on its way to you.


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