Forgiving and Forgetting: A Poem by Shreoshi Roy

This world is full of people,
Yet loneliness stays.
I wish I was able to handle,
People's mind games and dramatic plays.
My heart urges to ask,
Why do people cheat?
Being loyal is not a difficult task.
Hurting someone is easy,
But keeping someone's trust is hard.
Your actions can make someone uneasy,
But no-one cares,
My heart agrees with a nod.
My heart says," Oh! I am broken",
I want you as a love token.
Why are you so harsh on me?
I want to set myself free.
You are the key to my heart but not my brain,
My brain says,
"You are the reason of my pain"
My heart is a fool,
So you used me as a tool.
Not you, but my foolishness destroyed me,
My brain knew,
Your love was fake,
But my heart refused to agree.
Cheating is in trend,
Protect yourselves, my friend.
Love is the purest feeling,
But now it has lost its meaning.
Disappointed with someone,
I suggest to forgive them.
But don't get hurt again by that one,
Now try to forget them.
Forgiving may not be easy,
But it settles mental peace.
Forgetting is painful,
As ditching is shameful.

by Shreoshi Roy

SHREOSHI ROY is a computer science engineering student. She is compiler of anthology named reflection of thoughts and co-author of anthology named "FEARLESS". She has a keen interest in writing poems. She expresses her feelings in the form of writeups. She hopes her audience will like her thoughts. May she achieve to maintain a place in the hearts of readers.