A Strange Sadness: A Poem by Aiswarya K

It whispered silently to my uncle-on a hospital bed.
And my aunt remembers-he asked the date, the last time!
But this silent vacancy led to violent aftermaths.
Like the white saree my aunt was forced to wear.
Never have I ever seen a demise so close.
The air suffocated-
Tears suppressed, wailing breath-
And a strange sadness, when I stepped home.
I have often imagined my death,
Sometimes, each day!
Maybe because I am not that much of a dreamer-
Obviously oblivious of the ever-changing world!

I have often wondered why I-
Was the one who made it to see my mum,
I, who tried to be like her, in walks, in talks.
And always follows her saree's end.
Still, why am I always choosing the wrong, then?
Why can’t I ever be the better one, for them?
Why I am scared to take the risk, always?
And broods my dreams in a notebook page!

I imagine my death in seconds, always-
Like the coward I am!
And forget to live the life in front.
Before death can ask me for a dance!

by Aiswarya K

Aiswarya K is a PhD English literature student of Kannur University. She is a native of Kannur district. She likes reading. She is interested in writing poems.