THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN: A Poem by Priyanka Bhandarkar

Help but I am a born leader
I don't know.I don't have powers.
I was moved to fold and continue to be innocent
Given just a name but know to whistle
Putting my suspicion on the ocean
Maybe a Mermaid is waiting
Thoughts of a bridegroom;
Don’t I deserve appreciation?

Or be satisfied with secrets stored in my heart
That which rarely comes out.
As I uttered the tune of the song
Reached heavy notes,burnt myself
Let the shadow go faster by the whistle
A simple walk is the best opportunity
To think the rats are all around me.
Come out.Back.Support.
A crowd on the way.
Back to the shore again but now to stay.

All can but play the flute
Here come the privileges
And gone are the responsibilities
Black holes in place.
So,Respect the change in climate
All blue but up,up and away.
And I finally understood
To come up in life do talk…
This walk is but will power
and then water…….
There is a lot in what you walked
And went for an open talk
The crescent moon at hand
Turning thoughts into masterpiece.

by Priyanka Bhandarkar

Priyanka has completed her post graduation in English literature from the Karnataka State Open University.She holds a Diploma in Creative Writing in English from the prestigious Indira Gandhi National Open University.Her favourite Author is Ruskin Bond and she takes inspiration from the words of Edison that there is no substitute for hard work.She has dared to follow her dreams and is the Co-Author of more than 150+ Anthologies.

You can reach her here.