Unstoppable: A Poem by Priyanka Malhotra

Battles won

Battles lost

What has been lost

Is forever gone

What has been gained

Is for you to retain

Forever to sustain

Till it buries with you

And merges to dust.

Or if, made the choice

To keep it alive,

The learning be shared

It’s magic spread

No one’s spared.

Else the only tyranny

Is for it

To seize to exist

Just with your last breath.

Human! Wake up and


There’s more power

In your mind

Than in your hands

The only thing

That resists

From you to reach

Where your destiny stands

Are the shackles

You create

For you win every

Game you play

So, be wise!

Know your coins!

And make sure you’re

Standing on the right side!

And when you’re sure,

Be all in to fight

Keep your nightmares aside

That’s right!

Be fearless

And you shall be


by Priyanka Malhotra