The Holistic Pine Call for Submission Poetry: Your Path to Poetry Publication

Embark on a poetic journey with The Holistic Pine, an esteemed online journal that celebrates the artistry of words. We cordially invite both budding and seasoned poets to submit their heartfelt creations for consideration in our upcoming edition on As a beacon of literary expression, we cherish diverse voices and embrace the power of poetic exploration.

Submitting your verses is a seamless endeavor. Craft your poetic masterpiece, elegantly capturing its essence, and ensure it is neatly typed on a word document or within the body of your email. To personalize your submission, kindly attach a recent photograph and a concise biography, allowing readers to delve deeper into your poetic world. Remember, you can submit one poem at a time, and we enthusiastically welcome multiple submissions from passionate wordsmiths like yourself.

At The Holistic Pine, we appreciate the uncharted territories of creativity, and thus, our theme remains open-ended, allowing you the freedom to infuse your verses with personal nuances. Be it the mellifluous rhythm of nature's symphony, the tapestry of human emotions, or the introspective musings of the soul, your poetic tapestry finds its home here.

To maintain the integrity of our publication, we kindly request that all submissions be unpublished and written in the English language. We value the universal language of poetry, which binds us together in this beautiful endeavor.

In our commitment to fostering an inclusive and respectful environment, we extend open arms to all while adhering to our publication guidelines. Although we embrace diverse perspectives, we do not accept content that promotes hate speech, explicit adult material, or same sex attraction.

Our dedicated editorial board treasures the opportunity to explore your poetic creations. Within a brief span of three working days, you can expect a thoughtful response from our discerning team. Upon receiving our acceptance, you will be notified promptly, celebrating your accomplishment as a published poet on

As a testament to your poetic prowess, we also present you with a publication E-certificate, symbolizing your achievement in gracing our digital pages. This keepsake not only recognizes your talent but also serves as a source of inspiration for your ongoing poetic odyssey.

Unleash the depths of your imagination and let your words blossom within the nurturing confines of The Holistic Pine. Submit your poetry today and become a part of a vibrant community that celebrates the art of verse. Join us in weaving the tapestry of poetic beauty that resonates with readers worldwide.

Indulge your passion for poetry and take the plunge into the enchanting world of The Holistic Pine.