Uncertainty: A Poem by Shrishti Singh

I started running away from love,
after Falling for two wrong guys,
I vowed I'll never fall again,
But here I'm Fallin one more time.
Yet this time the situation is not same
This time I feel happy and safe,
Still some part of me is scared,
What if I don't fulfil the requirements for a perfect girl?
What if I couldn't show him the other side of my world?
Too many questions, ain't nobody to retort,
Too many tangled strings , ain't nobody to resolve.
He's perfect, he's sweet
I don't know what he sees in me.
He hasn't seen anything yet,
And if he does , he'll leave for sure (I bet)

by Shrishti Singh

SHRISHTI SINGH is a 17 year old teenager who shares her opinions through poems . She's the daughter of Mrs. Sunila singh and Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh . She started writing poems at the age of 12 .
She talks to people and get to know about how they feel about something , then she combines their thoughts with hers and then she composes an incredible poems whome every one can relate to . She thanks her English teacher Mr. Bharat Kumar for being with her throughout this journey and for all the love and support he's providing her.
"He's the only teacher who saw my potential and my talent , not only that but also encouraged me to follow my passion" , says shrishti .