To All Rape Victims: A Poem by Minakshi singh

The soft walls of her body

Broken in, barged into, groped in

Pinched, and penetrated thoroughly brutally.

Why did she have to undergo this?

The rods, the hands wrenching her soul, out of her, leaving her numb and shaken inside out.

Smeared with blood, she seems to be hating herself, her body, her face, those lips which have millions of cuts, those eyes which shine with wisdom now don't wish to see the world.

The world where she can't walk freely without being gazed at by unknown eyes, the world where she is being treated as public property, the world where her body is touched, beaten, and exploited with no limits.

by Minakshi Singh

Minakshi Singh, an ambitious writer graduated from sri aurobindo college, after completing political science honours. She has worked in digital magazines, conducted interviews, and had a nice experience as a social media post writer, and blog writer. Working as a writer was not only exciting but adventurous too which always leads her to accept new challenges. She has published two books and has worked constantly to be a more successful and popular writer, stealing hearts through her writings.