Blue: A Poem by Hritika Bhatnagar

The ink in my pen is indigo blue.
Yes, I write my poetry in cobalt blue.
I prefer to paint my nails neon blue.
And the language I speak is Persian blue.

The colour of my god is blue.
His calmness and unwavering persistent nature are light in blue.
He is omnipresent, just like the skies, it's sky blue.
He sleeps on the serpent's coils, floating on the milky ocean, its every shade of blue.

The stars sparkle in the night sky, it’s midnight blue.
From an astronaut’s eye, the Earth, it's marble blue.
Over time my thoughts are turning yinmn blue.
And I am beginning to take on a blue hue.

Blue has become my tone of happiness.
It has tinted me with quietness and peace.
My breath has become still as ever.
Holding a state of permanence in me.

by Hritika Bhatnagar

Hritika Bhatnagar is an English honours student studying at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University. She has a love for reading as well as having a collection of books, writes poetry any and everywhere when she gets a chance, and has also participated in numerous poetry competitions. Her poetry named 'As Moon Orbits The Earth' was also recently published in 'The Equation of Love' anthology series by Writers' Kalam. Currently, her residence is in New Delhi but she lived in many places in India and is planning to explore the things she hasn't done and seen before.

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