Ethereal Convergence: A Dystopian Ode by Sayan Chattopadhyay

In an ethereal domain, where celestial bodies converge,

Unfolds a narrative of interstellar invaders, poised to purge.

Alien vessels, exhibiting a portentous grace,

Descend upon Earth, their arrival a malignant embrace.

Their extraterrestrial crafts, composed of metallic alloy,

Manifest sentient beings, their origins wrapped in enigmatic ploy.

Inveterate is their onslaught, resistance futile, bereft of worth,

As hope wanes, consumed by the acerbic vestiges of dearth.

Amidst the debris, an epiphany with an austere inclination,

A revelation profound, a truth steeped in desolation.

These alien entities, bereft of empathy's sway,

Unveil their intent, an indefatigable force in disarray.

Epochs forgotten, their provenance shrouded in veiled conceit,

This invasion, a resurfacing of a destiny replete.

Planetary conquest, a fervor to obliterate sanguine zeal,

Enshrouded in perpetual darkness, a malevolent ordeal.

Two species converging, their realities intertwined,

One subjugated, the other exalted, a divide unkind.

Humans, with eyes vacant, bereft of dreams,

Aliens revel, basking in humanity's harrowing screams.

The purpose of this incursion, a query profound,

To eviscerate the core of hope, leaving barren ground.

Together they embark, traversing ruins and decay,

Seeking meaning amidst chaos, in disarray.

Yet, as they delve deeper, the abyss grows evermore,

Unveiling verities that exacerbate the grimness heretofore.

Aliens, wayward spirits, devoid of benevolent might,

A vacuous existence, bereft of luminous light.

A futile pursuit, this quest for the luminescent spark,

Within a dystopian expanse, where hope disembarks.

The remnants of history, fragmented and torn,

Whisper of a future irrevocably forlorn.

In the maelstrom of desolation, they reach the nadir,

An impasse encountered, solace absent in the air.

For in this realm of bedlam, hope crumbles and wanes,

A transient illusion, an endeavor bound in futile strains.

The aliens withdraw, their mission accomplished, complete,

Leaving in their wake a world relinquished to defeat.

With a bitter aftertaste, they recede into twilight's domain,

Leaving behind a fractured existence, bereft of respite's reign.

Hence, this chronicle serves as an admonition to all,

Within dystopian domains, where darkness befalls.

Where hope meanders as a faint whisper, lost in a haze,

Embrace the verity, a world bereaved of triumphant rays.

For in the depths of despair, our destiny lies,

A future ensconced in shadows, where hope dissipates and dies.

No redemption awaits, no sanctuary to seek,

Within this dystopian tapestry, where hope appears weak.

by Sayan Chattopadhyay

Sayan is a Doctoral Researcher at Adamas University, India. Engaged in the scholarly exploration of Science Fiction and its diverse sub-genres, he demonstrates a discernible proclivity for assimilating the dynamic perspectives inherent to Postmodern conceptual frameworks. He is also an Editor at Journal of Science Fiction, under the Museum of Science Fiction (Washington DC). His research publications, Science Fiction Poems and Narratives, or even his Media Interviews are readily accessible on the internet, providing an open platform for readers and listeners worldwide to engage with his work.