Stop dreaming: A Poem by Lima Das

Stop dreaming,

Start doing.

Just follow your passion,

And keep growing.

Fall everyday,

Rise everyday,

But never ever lose hope.

You don't need any motivation,

You don't need any appreciation,

Just keep follow your dream passionately

Until it turns into reality.

By Lima Das

Her name is Lima Das. She is a resident of Faridabad, Haryana. She loves to write poetry, short stories etc. She is an author by profession.Her first anthology is "Deep Thinking For Thinkers" as a co-author.She has co-authored more than 20 books.She has compiled two books till now i.e.Fear and Love Is Complete In Itself;Love Is Eternal. Her many poems have been published online till now on different online platforms like poemist,poem hunter, Amarujala, storymirror, fuzia etc.Her poetry "Patriotism" has been published in the "Indian Periodical Magazine".Her article "My Poetry Is My Whole Life" has been published in the "Stanza-An E-Magazine".Her writings also get published under Rosewood Publication,Epiphany Publication etc.She has been selected in the top 50 candidates for the "Literacy Star Award 2023" organized by cosmic inception publication.She had won many writing competitions.Currently,she is also a project head in the cosmic inception publication.Her first self-published eBook is-Meaning Of Life;A Book For 21st Century as an author.
Her Instagram I'd is-limadas920