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A Beautiful Bizarre: A Poem by J. Hindu Sree


This poem won the first place in SCRIBELORE Edition 1 Workshop, in collaboration with The Holistic Pine.

A Beautiful Bizarre

A Shimmering yellow lamp’s sway,

In still Oxymoron with White universal Ray, 

TAK, TAK, TAK, TAK, the rhythm of 

Parotta Composed by skilled Chefs,

Kling, pling of the utensils in Basin,

Waiting for next serve’s washing.

12.00 AM.

A sudden chill breeze

With load man loading and reloading

Goods and memories,

A wage what he promises to bring home.

A screeching owl voices out

Numerous sleepless nights

Cops of protection at heights.

With innocence, all bridges trying

To bridge, forgotten to do so,

Dark. Dim, Desolate, Disappearance

The city has moulded itself

In a hyberbolic oxymoron of Personification

Madurai- A Prosper and A Mystery.

By Ms. J. Hindu Sree

Hindu Sree J, a poet and Assistant Professor at Fatima College in Madurai, seamlessly blends realism and naturalism in her work, infusing vivid emotions for a captivating experience. Beyond academia, she contributes prolifically to poetry and research articles, architecting optimism and inspiring introspection. Her contemporary expression employs free verse, inviting readers to embrace diverse perspectives and engage with the visual impact of her poetry, reaching a broad audience.