Unlock Your Culinary Future: How Food and Nutrition Engineering Holds the Key to Thriving Careers and Healthy Lifestyles!

By Syeda Tasmia

There are lots of subjects to choose as a career. We should decide our subjects according to our choice. Food and nutrition engineering is a fantastic subject as a career. This is an interesting subject with lots of adventures. Students who have an interest in food, cooking and the benefits, nutrients of foods then they should apply for this course/ subject.
Introduction of food and nutrition

Food- the main, major, important, needed thing of our life. We can't live without it. Basically we live our life for this. We do everything just for this in our whole life. We earn money to have good food. We do our level best in our career to have 3 meals.

Nutrition is the process of taking food into the body.

Nutrition is essential for our body. There are 6 types of nutrition available in this world.

1. Vitamins

2. Minerals

3. Fats

4. Carbohydrates

5. Proteins


6. Water.

Nowadays, people are being very much careful about consuming nutrient foods. Lack of nutrition can cause many diseases. We should be careful about what we consume and what we need to consume.
Subjects of Food and Nutrition(NFE)

There are lots of interesting subjects in this Course.

There are - introduction of food science and nutrition, nutritional methods, human nutrition, nutritional methods, biochemistry, microbiology, baking, cooking process, dietetics etc. People can learn how to bake and how to cook perfectly from here. .
Careers of NFE

There are lots of interesting and passionate career on this subject. More than 20,000 carriers are available on this course.

As this subject is about food and nutrition students can have ideas about medical related information as well. And for food engineering students can learn about food science and mathematics, food manufacturing, food operations, food processing, production, packaging, handling, control, conservation and distribution of food production .

Food engineering is a scientific academic field.

As this is a medical related subject also (nutrition is included here) students can be a nutritionist as well after completing BSc. Nowadays, nutritionists are being well paid. Also, after doing BSc the students who have an interest in the medical base can become a dietitian, clinical dietitian, health coach etc.

Also, students can choose industrial base careers. For example, They can be - food technologists, food chemist, food process and packaging design engineer, food microbiologist, quality control supervisor, sensory scientist, food scientist, product representative, food plant production supervisor or manager, regulatory affair specialist etc.
About this subject

Lots of students think that Nutrition and food engineering aka NFE is a hard subject. They think that there are lots of chemistry and less biology included. Actually it is not. The range of biology and chemistry courses are equal. Students should learn chemistry as well for the definability of food nutrients and chemicals for foods. Biology is included here because student have to learn about human body parts for the nutrition side .

NFE is not a hard subject. The future of NFE is bright. If student give their level best effort in their study then they can shine as a star.