Architect Diana Kellogg Advocates Holistic Sustainability and Social Equity at India Art Architecture Design Biennale 2023

Renowned architect Diana Kellogg took center stage at the prestigious India Art Architecture Design Biennale 2023 as the keynote speaker, delivering a compelling address that resonated with the audience and garnered the attention of Prime Minister Modi himself.

She was featured in the November issue of The Holistic Pine. In the interview titled "Symbols of Strength" in the latest issue of The Holistic Pine, Diana Kellogg revealed many of her thoughts regarding her groundbreaking works. 

Kellogg, known for her unwavering advocacy for gender equality, fair treatment of workers, and a holistic approach to sustainability, captured the essence of societal harmony and cultural preservation in her speech. Despite having her speech pre-approved by the administration with some edits, Kellogg passionately articulated her beliefs on creating healthy, inclusive communities where everyone is treated with equal respect.

"This is the only world in which society can be sustainable," Kellogg emphasized, highlighting the critical importance of preserving cultural heritage and fostering a society where equality and respect form the bedrock of sustainability efforts.

She shared the experience on her Instagram page: 

Sharing the stage with Prime Minister Modi and four cultural ministers, Kellogg's impactful words found resonance with the esteemed audience. Her message, focused on not only reducing carbon footprints and mindful material use but also on the significance of nurturing thriving communities, received accolades from the attendees.

PM Modi's gesture of personally acknowledging Kellogg's speech by shaking her hand served as a testament to the resonance and appreciation of her ideas. Kellogg's address left an indelible mark on the Biennale, sparking discussions and underlining the crucial role architects play in shaping sustainable and equitable societies.

As the event concluded, Kellogg's poignant speech continued to reverberate, echoing the importance of weaving together sustainability, cultural heritage, and social equality for a harmonious and enduring society.