SCRIBELORE Edition 1 Workshop in Association with The Holistic Pine Unveils Poetic Brilliance: Hindusree J Takes Top Honor, Vibha T Secures Second Place

SCRIBELORE Edition 1 Workshop Profile in Association with The Holistic Pine

Hosted on November 25, 2023, by Labeeba Basheer and Sanooja Jaleel, the one-day SCRIBELORE Edition 1 Workshop, in collaboration with The Holistic Pine, was a beacon for writers seeking to refine their craft.

The event featured a captivating poetry competition under the theme "The Bustling Midnight City." Ms. Hindusree J emerged triumphant as the first-place winner, showcasing exceptional poetic prowess, while Ms. Vibha T secured the second position with a commendable display of creativity. This collaboration with The Holistic Pine added a holistic dimension to the workshop, weaving together the worlds of storytelling and well-being.

The competition, a focal point of the workshop, added a layer of excitement and inspiration to an already enriching day. Attendees left with enhanced writing skills, a newfound sense of community, and the promise of future editions continuing to nurture and celebrate the art of storytelling.

Winner - Hindu Sree J


Hindu Sree J, a poet and Assistant Professor at Fatima College in Madurai, seamlessly blends realism and naturalism in her work, infusing vivid emotions for a captivating experience. Beyond academia, she contributes prolifically to poetry and research articles, architecting optimism and inspiring introspection. Her contemporary expression employs free verse, inviting readers to embrace diverse perspectives and engage with the visual impact of her poetry, reaching a broad audience.

First Runner Up - Vibha T

Vibha T, an aspiring writer and poet from Kerala, India, immersed in the world of words and metaphors. Raised near Kannur, literature is her lifelong companion, exploring the dark corners of the human mind through poetry and fiction. Published in "The Wilderness" by Writer’s Pocket, she continues to weave compassion and virtue into her writing, whether in the comfort of her room or embraced by the breezy world outside.

Read her poem Home HERE