Ankush Bharti Awarded Rashtra Seva Puraskar 2023: A Profile of a Multi-Talented Media Maven

By Samay Joshi 

Recognizing Excellence in Journalism and Literature: Ankush Bharti's Achievement

Ankush Bharti, the Editor-in-Chief of the esteemed international lifestyle journal, The Holistic Pine, has been honored with the prestigious Rashtra Seva Puraskar 2023. This accolade acknowledges her exceptional contributions to the realms of journalism and literature. Bharti's remarkable journey spans not only her editorial role but also extensive authorship and a vibrant presence within the digital media landscape.

A Glance at the Rashtra Seva Puraskar and Its Significance

The Rashtra Seva Puraskar, presented by the esteemed Veyil Foundation, stands as a testament to outstanding endeavors in social work and service to humanity through various avenues such as art, education, social work, and business. Endorsed by the government of India, this honor exemplifies Bharti's commitment to excellence and societal betterment.

Unveiling the Veyil Foundation's Impact and Mission

The Veyil Foundation, a Section 8 Non-Profit organization, holds recognition from the Central Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs. With a noble objective of bridging the gap between the underprivileged and essential resources, the foundation commenced its altruistic initiatives in Kerala. Its expansive reach extends to significant social welfare events across regions in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka.

Ankush Bharti: A Storied Career in Media and Education

Apart from her role as the Chief Operations Officer at Writers' Kalam, a pioneering knowledge-based education venture in India, Bharti's editorial leadership at The Holistic Pine showcases her forward-thinking approach to content creation in the evolving media landscape. Trained proficiently in content writing and marketing, her repertoire extends to co-authoring multiple impactful books and serving as a content reviewer for a prominent organization. Moreover, she played a pivotal role as a co-founder in a content writing company.

The Foundations of Bharti's Literary Journey

Bharti's formative years in Shimla, engrossed in the libraries, sowed the seeds for her remarkable literary prowess. Regarded as a prodigy from an early age, she clinched numerous national and international writing competitions, leveraging her experiences for creative inspiration.

Exploring Bharti's Diverse Artistic Ventures

Beyond her literary accomplishments, Bharti delves into multiple creative avenues encompassing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and theatrical productions. Her adeptness extends to directing plays and showcasing her talents as a theater artist. Furthermore, she embraces the role of a public speaker, all-rounder, and performing artist, even demonstrating her knack for caricature creation when not engrossed in writing.

Bharti's Recent Endeavors and Contributions

Among her recent literary works, 'Letters to Life' and 'Stories from the Soil' stand as testament to her multifaceted storytelling prowess. Additionally, she extends her expertise as a life coach, motivational speaker, certified NLP practitioner, and NLP Trainer, demonstrating a commitment to personal development and empowerment.

Crafted by Ankush Bharti's unparalleled dedication and multifaceted expertise, her journey remains an inspiring testament to excellence in media, literature, and holistic personal development.