Navigating the Music and Voice-Over Industry with Resham Talwar: An Interview with Ankush Bharti

Voice and Vision

by Ankush Bharti

Resham Talwar, an accomplished voice actor and singer hailing from India, embarked on her singing journey in 2006, receiving recognition with a feature on Zee TV UAE. Her remarkable talent has been acknowledged through interviews on All India Radio and various media platforms, including Punjab Kesari, The Logical Indian, Hindustan, Mail Today, and Dainik Bhaskar.

Notably, Resham's captivating voice has garnered praise from Bollywood luminaries such as Ajay Devgan, Palak Muchhal, Sunidhi Chauhan, Mithoon, and Arjun Kanungo. She has graced the stage for corporate events, performing for esteemed entities like Nestle India, Max Life Insurance, MX Player, and Delhi Haart.

Diversifying her skills, Resham has made significant contributions as a voice-over artist, lending her voice to renowned brands such as Amazon, Vega Beauty, Max Healthcare, Eno, Harpic, and others for their advertising campaigns. Her journey has been covered by media outlets, including features in Punjab Kesari, The Better India, The Logical Indian, and Times Applaud.

As a testament to her influence, Resham was invited as a chief guest at Delhi University. Her story, overcoming challenges and achieving success in the world of music and voice acting, continues to inspire others.

Here is an exclusive conversation with her.

  1. Can you tell us about your journey as a singer and how you got started in the music industry in 2006?

    • Ans: When I was 10 years old, my mom, who is a singer, used to practice on harmonium. I developed a deep love for music, and my parents noticed my passion. They started my training in Indian classical music.

  2. Being featured on Zee TV UAE is a remarkable achievement. How did that opportunity come about, and how did it impact your career?

    • Ans: I feel blessed for this unexpected opportunity. I love sharing my songs on online singing apps, and Zee TV UAE noticed my performance on Smule. Their team contacted me after featuring my song on their social pages, providing encouragement and opening doors to more opportunities.

  3. All India Radio and various media websites have recognized your talent. Can you share some memorable experiences from these interviews and features?

    • Ans: It's always exciting when people approach me for interviews and features. I want my story to inspire others to never give up on their goals. One of my most memorable experiences was giving my first interview for All India Radio in 2014. Stepping into their studio and experiencing the workings of a radio station was a beautiful and warm experience.

  4. You've been appreciated by Bollywood celebrities like Ajay Devgan, Palak Muchhal, Sunidhi Chauhan, Mithoon, and Arjun Kanungo. How did it feel to receive recognition from such prominent figures in the industry?

    • Ans: I feel fortunate and blessed to receive appreciation from these legends. I owe a big thanks to my family, my support system, for allowing me to showcase my talent to the world.

  5. Performing for corporates like Nestle India, Max Life Insurance, MX Player, and Delhi Haart must have been exciting. Can you share some memorable performances or experiences from these events?

    • Ans: Performing for companies that provide opportunities for persons with disabilities, like Nestle India and Max Life Insurance, has been a beautiful experience. It's heartwarming to see companies becoming more inclusive, and the audience enjoying my talent.

  6. As a voice-over artist, you've lent your voice to various brands like Amazon, Vega Beauty, Max Healthcare, Eno, and Tata Tea. How do you prepare yourself for giving voice-overs for different products and advertisements?

    • Ans: Since childhood, I paid extra attention to voices. Inspired by a voice actor in the Hindi version of Titanic Mr. Ankur Javeri, I dreamt of voicing ads. When preparing for different products, I rely on client briefings and use voice training methods to meet the client's expectations.

  7. What are the key challenges you face as a voice-over artist, and how do you overcome them?

    • Ans: Despite vision issues, working as a mainstream voice actor for many years, reading scripts during long dubs has been a challenge. Fortunately, the industry is understanding, and directors and coaches, like Mr. Saad Anwar, provide tremendous support by reading scripts and guiding me during long dubs.

  8. Your voice has been widely appreciated, but every artist faces criticism at some point. How do you handle criticism, and how has it helped you grow as a performer?

    • Ans: Criticism is a path to growth. I take it positively, conducting a deep study to identify areas needing improvement. As an artist, I embrace criticism as a tool for continuous improvement.

  9. Inviting you as a chief guest at Delhi University is an honour. Can you share your thoughts on the significance of this invitation and how you plan to inspire the students during your visit?

    • Ans: Being a graduate from Delhi University, it's a great honour to be invited by two prestigious colleges. My message to the students is to never lose hope, irrespective of challenges. As a visually impaired individual, I've followed my dreams, and I believe everyone can find a way out by listening to their inner selves and having faith in the universe and themselves.

  10. With such a successful career in both singing and voice-over work, how do you balance your time and commitments between these two aspects of your profession?

    • Ans: Thanks to technology, I manage my work online, saving travel time. I plan my day according to prior information about studio visits, allowing me to balance both singing and voice-over commitments effectively.

  11. What are some of your favorite projects or performances that hold a special place in your heart, and why?

    • Ans: My first ad for Vega Beauty holds a special place in my heart. When it was released, my family's joy upon hearing me as the voice for such a prominent brand was an unforgettable moment.

  12. As an artist, how do you keep yourself motivated and continuously work on improving your skills?

    • Ans: My motivation comes from looking up to my parents and brother. Their support is crucial. To improve my skills, I stay updated on industry trends, styles, and genres through regular practice.

  13. Many aspiring singers and voice-over artists look up to you. What advice would you give to those who want to pursue a career in these fields?

    • Ans: There's no shortcut to success. Attend voice training sessions with an industry coach to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Polish your skills continuously, as improvement is a constant process.

  14. Your journey must have been filled with various ups and downs. Can you share an instance where you faced a major challenge and how you overcame it?

    • Ans: School days were challenging due to bullying and difficulties accessing study materials. With unwavering support from my parents, who even learned Braille for me, and drawing inspiration from the anime character Goku, I found the courage to overcome these challenges.

  15. What are your future aspirations and upcoming projects that your fans and audience can look forward to?

    • Ans: I aspire to shift to Mumbai in the future, aiming for more opportunities in the voice and music industry. A big thanks to my fans and audience; their love and support drive my journey, and I'm eager to share more projects with them in the future.