Revolutionary Technologies Revealed: How These 5 Companies Are Erasing Carbon Emissions by 2050!

By Simpy Sharma

The greatest irony of the day is that those who are most fortunate also tend to take things for granted. Humans are the ideal illustration for this. A few eons back, the vast abundance of natural resources enabled several countries to rise to world hegemony. The global economy has experienced a tremendous rise and is continually growing owing to the overexploitation of aforesaid resources. Overharvesting is causing global warming along with the development by increasing greenhouse gas emissions which is raising the average temperature of the planet. The greenhouse effect is a mechanism of warming the surface of the globe, to put it simply. Some of the solar heat energy that enters our atmosphere is reflected in space while the other portion is absorbed and then refracted by greenhouse gases. The greenhouse effect was first discovered in 1896 by a scientist from Sweden named Svante Arrhenius. Increases in greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons-12, and hydrofluorocarbons -23 can cause the atmosphere to warm up to a point where it becomes unsuitable for the survival of life. The endless effects of global warming are making news now and then. Excessive awareness to safeguard the environment has become an international priority. People are working hard and contributing what they can to preserve the environment for generations to come.

Environmental technologies are assisting people worldwide in preserving a healthy and beautiful environment on Earth. Various nations devote a sizable portion of their annual budget to green technology. The phrase "Greentech" refers to a wide range of initiatives, including spreading knowledge about potential risks caused by greenhouse gas emissions and embracing a green way of life. Along with preserving the future, it is necessary to address the environmental harm already done. Authorities all across the world are running a variety of projects to adopt green technology. The US President just made a public declaration in 2022 that he would vigorously support green technology. The UK is also committed to the Kyoto Protocol which is an international treaty that is working hard to give various methods and options to control the production of greenhouse gases. The Irish physicist John Tyndall pointed out the negative effects of greenhouse gas emissions in his journal entry titled "The Subject Is Completely in My Hands" on May 18, 1859. Since these gases remain in the atmosphere for hundreds of years, they constitute a threat to not only us but in addition to future generations. This journal Puts forward the ideas behind having innovations in putting a cap on the emission of greenhouse gases.

Since forests are responsible for increasing the amount of oxygen in their surroundings, they are crucial for naturally limiting the production of greenhouse gases. As a result, planting new trees and engaging in afforestation may be effective measures for cleaning up the environment. This will help to preserve the species of plants and animals that are in danger of going extinct in addition to helping to clean up the environment. There is an international campaign that aims to restore and grow one trillion trees by 2030 to save the environment which is run by the World Economic Forum and funded by Mark R Benioff Foundation. This activity will also aid in air purification and pollution eradication, both of which are crucial for the well-being of humans, wildlife, and photosynthesis. Reusing, recycling, and reducing can also go a long way toward making up for the loss. The majority of household and industrial trash is not only dumped in the oceans, disrupting the food chain but is also burned, thereby speeding up the process of carbon dioxide emission, which is predominantly to blame for the Earth's surface temperature increase. The breakthrough mechanism used to recycle plastic trash after purification is termed as PureCycle. Installation of solar panels capable of producing electricity without any emissions to meet the world's energy needs is just one more way that our environment is pure.

One must not overlook the European Union emissions trading scheme, which is a streamlined and cost-effective technique that includes measures to mitigate climate change, among the many methods the government has prepared. In essence, it acts as a buffer to slow down the synthesis of greenhouse gases. The program gives businesses incentives to cut their greenhouse gas emissions while capping the country's overall emissions. Companies all across the world are investing in methods to trap carbon, thereby addressing the growing demand for decarbonization. Although there are existing strategies for doing this, they are not cost-effective, hence a cost-effective technology is required. Elon Musk declared that he would pay $100 million for the most effective carbon acquisition system. With the current trajectory of things, one may anticipate that technology will have a significant impact on how the world views carbon today. The projects are laying the groundwork for a breakthrough that will change the future of carbon very soon.

It is noteworthy to have a look at the top five carbon removal companies in 2023:
  1. Aker carbon capture located in Norway founded in 2020
  2. Climeworks located in Switzerland, founded in 2009
  3. Carbon clean located in London, UK founded in 2009
  4. Carbfix located in Reykjavik, Iceland founded in 2006
  5. Carbon engineering located in Vancouver; Canada founded in 2009

The main goal of the aforementioned businesses and several other organizations is to reduce carbon emissions to zero by the year 2050. The good news is that industries and governments all over the world have set targets and are putting forth great effort to meet these targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. With technology to maintain the temperature on the Earth's surface, we can expect gadgets and machinery to absorb greenhouse gases from the air. In addition, some theories claim that by using Novek's technology, people will still be able to use fossil fuels without emitting greenhouse gases. Since it can either be transformed into valuable items or be buried well beneath the ground. All in all, we can say that we need to have a realistic solution along with cost-effectiveness to meet the desired results.