Malaikottai Vaaliban's Rustic Romance Takes YouTube by Storm!

By Priya Mani

It is impossible to ignore Lijo Jose Pallissery’s movies, especially the upcoming one because it is also a Mohanlal starrer.

The movie is titled Malaikottai Vaaliban. P.S. Rafeeque is the writer of the film. Sonalee Kulkarni and Andrea Ravera have prominent roles in the movie along with Mohanlal, the complete actor.

Although the theme and plot of Malaikottai Vaaliban have not been revealed yet, it follows the story of the protagonist, which is epic and magnanimous in its narrative style. The crew of Malaikottai Vaaliban had released a teaser earlier.

However, what makes movie buffs hold their breath is the new song released by the crew of Malaikottai Vaaliban on Saregama Malayalam. The song is titled “Punnara Kattile Poovanatthil” and follows a folk-song style of music.

The song was released on 15 December 2023 and has already gone up in the trending music chart on YouTube.

The song is a romantic one in which a rustic village is showcased with its various picturesque mundanities coming alive as the song progresses. At the same time, the visuals hold a mystery yet to be unveiled. The lyrics narrate the intimate conversation of a love-sick couple.

The music is subtle and melodious as well as striking in its rustic ambiance. For someone who has enjoyed film music from India in recent months, this song may appear to be a shocker, in being a soft melody. However, that does not make this song off putting. It is still enjoyable and it will certainly be a paradigm shift as in the case of Lijo’s other films, especially in how songs and background music are used in movies.

Instrumentation is simplistic and forms a good support for the simplicity of lyrics. Lyrics are by P.S Rafeeque and music is done by Prashant Pillai.