'tis a long time since I've known you 

I've seen you, I've yearned for you.

Each passing moment, my heart beats

Like an expanding balloon. 

Alas, flinty fate has pricked my heart

And you are free to fly away.

As a flower awaits the love-sting of a bee,

I hoped to gain your touch - got lucky!

Eagerly sensing your loving approach, 

The entirety of you became a reproach.

Destiny appallingly changed the tune

At night, I keep company with lonely moon.

Not long ago, my ears caught the news

Something horrific, I promptly refused

How could it be, what went wrong?

Did you hear a more melodious song 

That seemed to you to be the right one?

It's quite dismal; I've lost, not won.

Tears caressed my swollen cheeks 

Eyes ever so uncontrollably leak

Must I be bold, fight and seek?

My true love, oh! I've grown so meek.

Love's lost, weakened, I feel betrayed

Then again, it's my fault, I sadly delayed. 

Hope keeps us alive, someone said

But it's just a dream, carried to bed.

If you don't catch that star, it'll surely fly

Away from your reach, much too high.

Never to return, so far-far away

All you can do is sit and silently sway.

I'm proud of whom I've grown to be

Roots planted firmly, strong as a tree

If that bee has buzzed to another flower 

I'll still shine as a dew drop - every shower.

Cleanse myself of dirt and destitute dream

My mind, my sorrow, now all set free

Back to a lonely flower I'll smilingly be.

By Rachael Savina Goveas

Rachael Savina Goveas is an Assistant Professor of English from Kannur, Kerala. She has been teaching since 2010 and enjoys her profession. Life is her greatest teacher. She likes to pen her thoughts in the form of poems and quotes. Her poems have been published in the anthologies The Rising Cavalry (Spectrum of Thoughts, 2021), Letters to Life (Humrooh Publication House, 2022), The Equations of Life (Writers' Kalam, 2023) and The Holistic Pine (2023). Her thoughts are posted on YourQuotes under the name Ray Goveas.