You have never thought this about "Thora sa Asmaan" by Deepti Naval


Story of three different aged female, who came together after experiencing toxic & disturbed relationship.

Produced , directed & written by supremely talanted Deepti naval , she also did lead role in this tv serial along with Nadira ji . Title track writen by Gulzar was perfectly composed & sung . Background theme of thoda sa asmaan was very much suitable with the flow of story. In between some very mature dialogues by Deepti naval .

Especially when she speaks to her husband that, " how you can put down your wife so easily & how you can put question mark on institution of marriage so easily like you are not doing anything."

Deepti's love for art & poetry had combat with her husband's practical & business oriented mindset, which further ruined their relationship.

A part from this, his take for granted attitude towards her wife was the big issue between them .
A very good story, and very very good execution of same .
A must watch for emotions lovers


By Daxesh Trivedi

Daxesh Trivedi is an accomplished individual with an MBA in finance, who has seamlessly merged his business acumen with a passion for literature. He is the author of two books, "Yes I Met Maruti" and "An MBA," showcasing his diverse interests and talents. Daxesh's literary journey extends beyond his solo works, as he has also contributed to four successful anthologies. Proficient in Gujarati, Hindi, and English, he utilizes his multilingual skills to express his thoughts and stories. Apart from his literary pursuits, Daxesh is an avid traveler, reader, music enthusiast, and skilled photographer. His multifaceted personality shines through in every aspect of his life.


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