The Moon: A Poem by Shibina SK

Bidding farewell to the scorching sun

Arise,golden hallowed moon

Standing still among the scintillating stars

Dispelling long lasting darkness

Pervading the twilight sky

Waveless fathomless sea

Mirroring the silver eyed goddess

Mermaids composing ballads of love

To lure the seafarers

Making moon, a witness all through

Fluorescent lights falling on scary nights

Arousing drowsy dwellers

Loitering through lonely pavements

A pathfinder, a fellow traveller

Accompanying earthly beings

To reach their unknown destinations.

by Shibina SK

Shibina SK is an aspiring poet from God's own country Kerala.She has done her post graduation in English Literature.She has been working as a teacher for the past ten years.She has already been a part of two anthologies Letters to Life and Blooming Blossoms.She is planning to publish an anthology soon.


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  2. Great my dear....Feeling great to read it as your colleague shibina teacher...πŸ’–

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