TEARS OF LIFE: A Poem by Rachael Savina Goveas in Rain Song Part 2

The cloud of your emotions

Takes in and releases in portions

What the mind believes

And the heart feels.

The drops that slowly fall

Are experienced by all

At every phase of life

Be it joy or strife.

The hurly-burly of life

Filled with sweetness and spice

Keeps you alive

Or impels you to survive.

As I cry in your arms

Helpless, fragile and blind

Your warmth keeps me calm

The world, in you, I find.

In your arms I weep

As I'm bruised, bullied or weak

My youth urges me to leap

Solve life's mysteries, however deep.

In your arms I shed tears

Filled with dreams and fears

Leaving my loved ones behind

To a new home - loving and kind.

As I wail in your arms

My caregivers love or do me harm

Memory and health seem to go dim

Sadness or chagrin to members I bring.

Once I'm gone, I hear people sob

Prayers are uttered, much eulogy and song

Body shrouded, life's last drop I sip

Getting ready for my angelic trip.

Why Chaplin loved the rain,

Why poets glorify pain,

When attempts go in vain,

When sadness none can explain -

The tears of life will always remain,

Some control, others complain,

We only have to move on,

After darkness, there's always dawn.


Rachael Savina Goveas is an Assistant Professor of English from Kannur, Kerala. She has been teaching since 2010 and enjoys her profession. Life is her greatest teacher. She likes to pen her thoughts in the form of poems and quotes. Her poems have been published in the anthologies The Rising Cavalry (Spectrum of Thoughts, 2021), Letters to Life (Humrooh Publication House, 2022), The Equations of Life (Writers' Kalam, 2023) and The Holistic Pine (2023). Her thoughts are posted on YourQuotes under the name Ray Goveas.